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My NEW BLOG SITE.  Yep, I think I'll actually use this one so please pay my mind a visit to keep posted of our aventures and my thoughts.  Then I have my PHOTOS site at Flickr where I posted my best photos with accompanying explanations, and all my recent albums at FRIENDSTER.  And since our furlough is approaching, I created a site which contains my FURLOUGH STATUS, my ITINERARY (please pray that God will use me as I preach), and a TRIBUTE for all my supporters where I showcased my partners in missions, recapped their fruit, and highlighted some testimonies from our thankful hearts here!  You'll also notice that I placed a new and expanded link Directory on this same page.  Since I still need to update some webstarts page address links, please read my accompanying tips on how to use this new directory. And of course, I still have my UPDATES site which you should visit about once a week to keep informed and to pray for us, and my SERMON HELPS site for Pastors burning that midnight oil.  Regarding "profiles" I'm now on FRIENDSTER (which includes "friendser" links to our church and seminary) and FLIXSTER (mostly used by Filipinos here), and am on FACEBOOK, MYSPACE and TWITTER too- so if you use any these, please look me up and add me as a friend.  Lastly, while still under construction, I'm changing my retired Blogs and Reports page (which I stopped using eight months ago) to a  KEY MEMBERS page so I can introduce you to some who have helped me in our church.  Oh, and all my sites were free so if you have a question about how to construct and post a free site for your mission or church, just e-mail me.  And thanks for visiting my ever-growing site!  Problems? Before, I couldn't get all the editing features of Tripod's Site Builder to work in Internet Explorer and had to switch to Fireox.  Now Firefox is misbehaving and my Internet Explorer is accomodating all editing features.  So please be patient as I keep playing between these two to bring you this website. 




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Sharing our adventures as Church Planting Missionaries in the Philippines..


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About the Philippines...
The Philippines is located in Southeast Asia and consists of around 7,100 islands. whose 85 million speak up to 87 different languages and dialects.  The predominant religions here are Catholic and Muslim with other groups including the cults.  Our goverment is democratic but political corruption is common place.  Seasons and climate are dry and rainy with high humity, usually beteeen 80 to 90 degrees f.
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What We do here....

We are in San Marcelino, a small town of around 23,000 Tagalog and Ilocano speakers, located in the Province of the Zambales , on the larger Island of Luzon.  Our ministries include church planting, Police Chaplaincy, Values Educatioin in the High Schools, Resource Speaker, Seminary, College Campus outreaches, and just about anything else that will lead to sharing the gospel.

Your Here!
Yes, this is the home of the
San Marcelino Baptist Church!
Missionary-Pastor Mike Mislan
San Marcelino Baptist Church and Seminary
National Highway, Brgy. San Guillermo
San Marcelino, Zambales, 2207 Philippines
Cell Phone: 0916-515-1562



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We are located right on National Highway across the District Hospital and "Granny's". Please visit us.
  • 8:30 AM, Sunday School all ages
  • 9:30 AM, Formal Worship and Junior Church
  • 5:00 PM, Men & Ladies Advanced Bible Training
  • 6:30 PM, Tues Seminary sessions till 9 PM
  • 5:00 PM, Wed Prayer Meeting and devotionals
  • 7:30 PM, Thur PC Technology, Seminary
  • 3:00 PM, Saturday Community Outreaches



Ministries Include...
National church planting in San Marcelino and in Iba, Zambales, foreign church planting through church missions program, National Church strengthening through Seminary, Tech. School, Joint Evangelistic Campaigns, Family Camps and Sport's Fests, pulpit supply and financial assistance, outreaches to the San Guillermo National High School as Values Education Teacher, Police Chaplaincy to the Philippine National Police at the San Marceleno and Castillejos stations, Resource Speaker to municipals and colleges, with potential outreaches to the physically disabled and to the Philippine Merchant Marine Accademy as these doors open. 


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Please Report Broken Links: All links on this directory were tested on October 7th, 2009, but if you encounter a broken or misdirected link, just e-mail me so I can correct it.  Navigation tips: All links taking you to any page on this website will open in your current browser window, so to return to this home page, just use your  BACK button   All other links will open in a separate window.  All Webstarts Links: If you notice a page from webstarts is no longer being updated it's because they changed the address.  Just look at the address and change the "s1" or "s2" to the next higher number (like s3) and reload the page.  It will reload the latest version of the page.  For the Techs out there: My site editor is reporting of  some HTML errors on this page but I can't find them.  So if you notice something odd, I'd sure appreciate your email.  Thanks, Missionary Mike Mislan

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Asst. Pastor Jun Macadangdang, Solid Rock Baptist Church,
 Castillejos, Zambales, Philippines


"Pastor Mislan is supportive of local pastor's ministries here in Zambales. He is always willing to help and give advise to church problems of local churches and pastors. His counsels are biblically based and he does not compromise or tolerate members who are behaving outside of God's will. He has also provided financial support to students from other churches particularly helping them in their transportation expenses... My observations regarding the members of his church during their inter-church fellowship and sports activities, is that they are more disciplined. We see no compromising behavior in them and their church discipline and spiritual maturity were evident. Thus other churches give them their due respect and high regard. The ministry of Pastor Mislan has been a blessing to a lot of churches and local pastors here in Zambales. Our prayer is that the Lord will continually bless his ministry...." 

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