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Behind every successful missionary is a forgiving congregation.  We make mistakes just like everyone else.  The key is to be transparent and genune, and to be humble enough to admit your mistakes, asking the church o pray for you.

CHURCH SECRETARY & FAMILY....I would like to thank you for your love, patience and kindness to us. Though we have hurt your feelings many times you're still there ready to forgive. I saw in you the traits of a great leader and I praise God because you are our pastor. I would like to say that we love you and we will be missing you. If I could give you a gift, I would give you the ability to see yourself as I see you... so you would know what a wonderful pastor you are..I'm glad you are my pastor and friend.. For several years now you have proven to God and to the church your faithfulness, truthfulness, and dedication to your calling as the Pastor of SMBC. I believe in my heart that God sent you here in the Zambales to start a GENUINE CHURCH with godly standards, always upholding the Word of God and to exercise church discipline with no respect of persons. My family is thankful that God gave us such a wonderful and strict, but loving and caring pastor like you..We love you pastor.

SAME TO MY SENDING PASTOR...I am very grateful for sending Ptr. Mike and his family to be your missionary to the Philippines. I joined his church in 1997. Ever since I joined his church, he has been consistent in preaching the Truth. He is a very humble and caring pastor. He is always there when I need help, always ready to listen and quick to give godly advice. He is honest and upholds the Truth. He could smile in the midst of trials; he has the character and courage to church discipline erring brethren; he would not compromise the Truth, that is the reason why he is the best pastor I ever met! His wife Lenore is a genuine friend, loving, thoughtful, caring and also gives godly advice. She is my best friend. What more can I say but thank you Pastor Walker for sending your best missionary to SMBC. -Sister Ana Liza Verdejo.

DEACON PONSING....Thank you Pastor Jimmy Walker for sending the Mislan Family, here in the Philippines or in the SMBC as one of your great missionaries. We are so very grateful that we have an excellent, kind but strict, righteous and genuine Pastor. Maybe if he did not come here, I might or we might not have been saved.. so thank you so much. We enjoyed so much our membership here in SMBC we can say that we have a genuine church because he is a good shepherd to us. Thank you God and bless you Pastor Jimmy Walker. - Bro. Ponsing

BRO. EDWARD....Thank you very much that you have send Pastor Mislan and his family to our country as a missionary. They have been a big help to our church family especially to me. As a youth, Pastor Mike has preached and taught me to know God better and serve Him. If not for him and God, surely I'm one of youth of this world playing with sin and corrupting my body which I know is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. That is why I'm writing you, to thank you for your kind heart of sending Pastor Mislan to our country and may God bless you a thousand fold. - Bro. Edward

PASTOR JUN...I thank God ... that the Mislan family was able to come here in the Philippines to continue the work of God here in San Marcelino, Zambales. Your missionary or Pastor Mike and family is a great blessings to me personally and to my family. Because he trusted me to continue to pastor this church during their furlough. And being an assistant pastor I learn a lot of him to develop my character and to be more equip for the ministry. Ptr. Mike has a big vision for our church and ministries like Seminary to help other pastors, missionaries and church workers. For me its my honor to have a Pastor like him. To have a big heart for co-workers in Christ. And I pray that may the Lord continue to bless you more, your family and your church. Once again, a BIG THANK YOU. In Christs service, Pastor Jun Docuyanan and Sister Bessy.

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