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We could not be on the field without our faithful supporters who trust us, pray for us, and financial sacrifice for us. In fact, without them, the people in our area would have never heard the gospel, had a church to worship, learn and serve in, around 50 nationals would not have been trained for the ministry, outreaches would not have existed to the municipals, police, colleges and high schools, several needy national churches and their pastors would not have been helped, a mission would not have been started in Iba, many church planters would have remained under supported without our missions program,and our area would be flooded every raining season because no church was started to do community improvements. Here are some of the letters and e-mails I have received from them over the years.

I personally visited him and the work God has ordained him to do in 1995 and 1999. His personal contribution and presence to the people of San Marcelino is essential in promoting and improving both spiritual and social growth. As an exemplary American Missionary, his Godly friendship, guidance and leadership has led him to accomplish the following: (1) He is the founder and pastor of the San Marcelino Baptist Church, Zambales, Philippines. (2) He chaplains 12-14 members of the Philippine National Police. (3) He teaches Values Education with the San Marcelino Public School District... As a personal friend in the ministry since early 1990, I have known him to be honest, sincere, reliable and loves the work as evidenced by his extended stay in the mission field and in the strong to.. continue what he has started.. (Pastor Jose N. Ramirez, Filipino Independent Baptist Church, Norfolk, VA).

Mike, you are an excellent missionary. Out of all the missionaries I have had the opportunity to visit on the field you are definitely the most balanced and busy about the work of the Lord. My wife, Steve, and Melissa would all say the same thing... Keep up the good work. SSBT Interim pastor, Chris Wass

Thanks Brother Mike..I found the web site refreshing and informative. I can see how God is using you and your family. We will be praying for you. pastor Jeff Jones, First Baptist Church, Boyne City, MI

We at Woodfin Baptist Church had the distinct pleasure to hear a most impressive presentation of the Philippines from Mike and Lenore Mislan. These precious people did a beautiful job as they sang of hope, love and joy both in the English and the native Language of the Philippine tongue and shared their testimony of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord. Their children complimented their ministry and were well behaved and attentive. It is our pleasure to share their burden for the lost in the Philippines and welcome them to our Mission family..

I want to express my appreciation to you for your many years of faithfulness to the Lord & His ministry. Thank you for your friendship and kindness to me and to our church over the years, and your example to our people has been an encouraging one. I know that you have faced some trials and difficulties while in the ministry, but I thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord (All Nations Baptist, NY).

Hello, I wanted to email you and say thanks for your presentation at our church last Sunday. Your message on Jordan was also greatly appreciated and spoke to my heart. Thanks again for your ministry and the great work you are doing in the Philippines! (Bible Baptist, NC)

Mike. I really enjoyed the fellowship. I am thrilled with response to your preaching! (Pastor Tim Gunter, Crown Point Baptist, FL)

You are the favorite of the missionaries that we support. Man, I wasn't aware that God had used you that much. You are one of His choice servants. We do pray for you and yours.(My good preacher friend, Everette Cooper, TX

Just want you to know that New Life Baptist Church in White Marsh, MD is praying for you, and will continue to support you financially..and that God will continue to give you fruit that remains...Thank you for being faithful to God's calling. Pastor Johnnie Brewer

About ten years ago when I was eight, you came to my church and left a strong enough impression on me that I began saving my bottles and cans to send a small check to you and your family to support your mission in the Philippines, Now that I am 18 and graduating from HS, I've been reflecting over the years of my life and thinking about people who really made a difference. I put together a memory book for one of my classes over the past year which includes a number of cards awards, and pictures and I realized just how many letters I received from you during that time I supported you and even after that. That is why I am sending you this letter with a gift that is coming from the money I received from my graduation party. The Lord has blessed me and in turn I have chosen to put a part of that toward missions and I thought that giving to you would be very appropriate considering the amount of time I have been thinking of you and your family. THANK YOU for recognizing me as another supporter in spite of my age and the small amount of money I have each month. By making me feel special, you taught me that every little bit helps and that making a difference in the world could be as simple as taking a minute to talk to someone or even taking a minute to pray for someone. Now as I embark on my own journey to Gordon College in the fall to major in social work and hopefully pursue my dream of working with children with cancer, I will remember the friendship I made with you and the impact it had on my life. I would love to keep in touch if it is possible because I love to hear all the things that the Lord is doing through you and your family. Once again, THANK YOU for the impact you made on my life. It was and is greatly appreciated. You're in my prayers, Joanna Jenkins.

Brother Mike, You probably don't remember me, and that's OK, but I used to pastor in Constantine, MI when you were on deputation back in the day! Anyway, I wanted to get in touch with you to let you know that I'm still praying for you and Lenore and the boot! (probably all grown up by now!). We would love to receive your monthly missions letter and learn more of the good things happening at the San Marcelino Baptist Church, and in the area. In my heart there is still a love for the Filipino people to come to Christ. Would you consider coming to my church the next time you are on furlough in this neck of the woods? Our annual missions conference is the last Wed - Sun in September each year. Maybe you could work it out to be in our conference in 2009. That would be GREAT! Brother, I don't know what, and I don't know why, but God has put you on my heart today. Is there anything I can pray with you about? Until I know better what to pray for I am praying for your safety, provision, encouragement, and an unction from the Holy Ghost to prepare for the revival. Semper Fi in Jesus! Alan Lickfeldt - John 8:36, Lighthouse Baptist Church, IN.

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