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Here, I post some e-mails that I have received which encouraged me in the ministry. Since this page is under construction, please check back in about a week.

Recent E-mails from my Wife from Costa Rica..
All is well.  The church in Guadalupe had their 41 year anniversary, they also had the their fatih promise and raised 6 million colones for the coming year. about 12000 dollars. They had lunch their and cake in the evening, they also had a group from Oklahoma who came to preach, help the missions around,and do skits.  I got the Pastors calling card and maybe u can contact him when you raise support...Today my day went fast.  I cleaned a lot of things for my Mom...organized her kitchen things...it started raining after lunch, hard and lots of scary thunder...when will Liza go back to Korea?  they are so sweet and generous, may god bless them...Better close.  My Mom has been feeling better, and i praise the Lord.  she seems very happy to have me here, i'm blessed also...hows Josh/ tell hem hello and i  kind of miss him...u 2...love u. bye

Past E-mails... God is answering prayer concerning my burden for my lost family here.  My cousin Anita invited me to some anniversary, its some kind of Christian men aniversary, they had weird music....and 2 great testimonies from a man and his wife, it was very powerful how Christ had changed their lives, however there were no Bibles as if they didnt want to scare people off.  The reason I wanted to go is because my other cousins would be there and I am looking for chances to share Christ with them.  I sat next to Anita and raise the Lord was able to share my testimony with her. I also noticed she has bible studies at her home and is very open to spiritual things.  The blessing is that she invited me to come to teach a Bible study, of course I jumped at the chance to share Christ, I`m thinking of sharing a very clear salvation message and a strong emphasis on obeying Godīs word- I suspect that this movement they are in is not strong local church, at least I see Anita with an interested, she may even be saved, but not properly discipled....miss u 2.  Howīs Mr. Josh doing?  Does he miss me yet??? All is All is well here, Iīm enjoying my stay w/my dear Mother.  I muat tell you to pray for her,  she is not well, the other day, I walked w/ her to the super market and itīs only a 5 minute walk, she walks VERY slow...we had lunch there, walked around, and then we sat down for a coffee brake, then we took a cab home.  The next day she was out of it...tired, w/out any strength.  Today my cousins husband took us to San Jose and Heredia to pick up some medicines for her, we stopped at the mall for lunch, at the mall she felt hot, sweaty and shaking inside, as if she would pass out.  I donīt know how long she will last in this SAD condition, I really wish there would be a way I could care for her, Jim lives 30 minutes away and does come to town a couple times a week to teach the Seminary, and she has a lady who lives with her but only sees her at night for about 1 or 2 hours, on Sundays she has lunch with her.

What a Dad loves to hear from his son...
Thats funny that U should mention "any future ministry I should have" Dad, because I have some Great News! This last Tuesday in chapel service was kind of the kick-off 4 the missions conference which started Wed and is ending tomorrow. A missionary to kenya, Brother Mckey, preached out of Acts and how the unbelieving Jews said that the apostles "turned the world upside down". Well, during the message for the first time ever, I could feel the Holy Spirit come down and start twisting and tugging at my heart about missions and about the Philippines. Every time the preacher would make a statement or point, my mind and heart would go straight to the lost Philippino souls. So praise God, there God called me as a missionary to the Philippines and gave me a great burden for them! Throughout the missions conference, God has confermed His call to me as well! So I am excided and already looking forward to God using me there! Thanks for praying for me! I see now how God worked it out and why He wanted me to come down here to Bible College for the spring semester rather than wait for the fall! I would have missed this missions conference. God has also been talking to me and scripture has been jumping out at me through my daily devotions! Stuff from my devotions has been matching perfectly with what has been preached in the last couple nights! I know that before I can be a missionary there, I need to be a missionary here. God is deffinately working. Well thanks for praying for me and I'll keep you guys in my prayers as well! Talk to you later! Bye......
Hey dad, I just wanted to make sure I greet you a happy father's day and thank you for being a good father, a faithful man of God, and giving me and Josh a "goodly heritage!" I don't get to communicate hardly at all where I'm at here. This is actually my first chance to email this summer. I'm doing it from someone's house. Things are doing good at Triple S Christian Ranch. God is blessing and working on me. There's hardly and phone reception where the camp is at in here in Arkansas, and there's no real internet access. Is mom back from Costa Rica yet or are you still alone with Josh? How's the work doing there? I'll be back in Oklahoma in mid-August. Well, I pray you have a Happy Father's Day and services go well there today. I love you and GOD bless you! Jonathan Mislan, For HIS Glory, Psalm 115:1
Recent Reponses...
"Thank you for your recent report.  It is very encouraging to me and the church family too.....It is our prayer that Sis. Lenore is doing well and hope to be back with you soon." (Pastor Jose N. Ramirez Rameres, Filipino Independednt Baptist Church, Norfolk VA).
"I enjoyed reading your updates.  I am glad God is blessing your ministry.  I did spend some time reading "having a bad day" and the rest of the article.  Being a missionary ain't for sissys, that is for sure.  I am praying for you.." (Preacher Everette Cooper, Texas) 
"Mike,  Great webpage and fantastic information.  Great way to keep everyone informed. When you do your furlough know that we ALWAYS want to visit with our Missionaries.  I know you will be trying to raise new support, but if you can work us in - that would be great - we are very flexible.  We will communicate more as the time approaches.  Thanks to you and your Family for being our Missionaries in that part of the world. " (Pastor Clay Moorman, Newark Baptist Church, Elkton, MD.)

Responses from April Updates...  
Bro. David Dudley, SSBT, Ypsilanti, MI..."I know you're very busy, but just wanted to let you know that we're praying for you guys, and that I've sent requests to several of my Pastor friends to have you at least scheduled to come to their church and preach. Don't know if you know them, or if they support you, or what, but I wanted to get the word out..." 
Bro. Rich Farinella (a supporting Pastor) Thanks for the update, Bro. Mike.  I just got a chance to peruse your website.  Wow!  There’s a whole lot of information and linking resources there.  Good job.  I’ve never seen a missionary put out such a straightforward and honest appeal.  Thanks for all the labor.  May the Lord bless you. 
Pastor Johnnie Brewer (a supporting pastor) Brother Mike, Any time you are in the states, you are invited to give a report to New Life Baptist Church. Praying for you...
Craig from the "Ambassadors" of my Sending Church: Hello Pastor Mike.  I read your update and I just wanted to let you know I will be personally praying for you and the church.  Tell every one I said hello if possible.  (and please make sure you say hi to Ed from me and our youth group!)...
Marylyn and Ralph Kuivinen in Ohio It was good to get  your letter.  Sounds like the seminary is thriving and that you are able to help other seminaries.  Glad to hear the Family Camp went well and that your outreach is bringing in more people.  We pray for healing for your wife's mom.  Congratulations to Joshua!  Way to go!  Also glad to hear you are well received, Mike.  Our son and his family will also be home in May of 2010.  Let us know your itinarary. We have not seen you since we first saw you at a church where our son was also speaking years ago.We lift your prayer requests to the Lord, and pray that He will meet your special needs.God bless you all! 


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