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Just six months ago, I started building this website.  I had no experience, worked hard, and since then I try to improve it.   So when someone sends me a comment that they liked my site, it means a lot to me.  Here are the positve feedbacks I received so far.  THANKYOU!

Thanks Brother Mike..I found the web site refreshing and informative...
I already visited your website (and) appreciate your stand.... All appears to be in line with my independent fundamental Baptist beliefs... Your site is definitely eligible for listing!.. I've looked over your existing site.. and have no problem with adding a link to your existing site to our web page!..
I took a quick look at your site. Nice! Hope to meet you in person sometime soon!..
I was able to click on the link you sent. It is a blessing to read about all the ministries God has allowed you to establish. My continued prayers are with you, especially for your financial support..
Thanks for being our missionaries. I think you do a great job, in fact, and exceptional job with the resources that you have..!  You've got a great web site.... 
saw your web site very nice! ...
I have also visited your website and we thank the Lord for your life in helping everyone in need.. I like it! - maybe because it mentions and shows pictures of my beloved town, among others. Very informative and interesting, indeed....
I just got a chance to peruse your website.  Wow!  There’s a whole lot of information and linking resources there.  Good job.  I’ve never seen a missionary put out such a straightforward and honest appeal.  Thanks for all the labor.  May the Lord bless you....
I was looking at your website again – I am really impressed. It’s amazing what did without spending any money – you really are a good steward of God’s money.   I was just looking at the page for OFWs – great tips...
"Mike,  Great webpage and fantastic information.  Great way to keep everyone informed. 

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