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You can't fool teenagers - they're sharp and are looking for something genuine.  Our Youth Department is active on visitation, in their youth group, choir, cleaning, and just about anything else I need done.  Thank you Youth Pastor Alex and teens.

MARIA TERESITA D. SUMIQUIAB... I like this church because they make me feel special. The first time I came, I felt very welcome already. I started attending the youth group last 2005. What I like in the youth group is that they are fun to be with and I learned a lot of them. The San Marcelino Baptist Church has changed my life, it's really a blessing to be a member of this church.
GLEN JOHN ORTIZ... I have like this church because this is where I really learned who is God and I received Christ last November 2, 2008. One more thing that I like is the friends I have know helping me know God more.

EMELY R. DUQUE... The first time I came here in San Marcelino Baptist Church, I was so nervous and I really don't know what would happen.. but now I feel comfortable.. and I really like this church.. why? The first thing I notice was Pastor Mike and I like the way he preach.. it is burning my very soul.. and also the members.. they were approachable and kind.. and also the Sunday school. It helps us grow spiritually and our teacher was really anointed by God.. he really is a very good speaker and worker of God.. and now, I am growing more spiritual because of this church.

STEVE AMIEL JOSAFAT... I belong in the Youth Department last 2002. I like this youth group because Jesus is really working in this class and I like this church because of singing, testimony and Ptr. Mike high standard.

KATRINA D. TOMBOC....Last September 2008 I decided to join the youth group. I like our church because this is where I am happy. Each message of Pastor Mike Mislan is a blessing to me. Our youth leader also Bro. Alex is a good teacher. I accepted Christ last Dec. 5, 2006. And I'm also blessed of the teachings of Sis. Bessy while I was yet in the juniors class.

LAIREN D. TOMBOC... In the year 2006, God sent us in this church San Marcelino Baptist Church. This church became a great blessing in our family. I started from the junior department of Sis. Bessy who was our Sunday school teacher before. Then as years passed by, God blessed me and I started taking my Sunday school at the youth class. That was in the year of 2004. I really love this church because this church blessed us spiritually and financially. I love the fellowships, singings and preachings of Pastor Mike Mislan. Pastor Mike Mislan is also a big blessing for us. In the youth department, God also blessed us and that we are still continuing serving and praising Him. I thank God because He sent us in this youth department and in this church San Marcelino Baptist Church.

CHAREZ T. AMIGABLE... In the youth group we are all happy, helping each other, always laughing, always together, we are like real brothers and sisters. The church members also they're all kind, generous, fun to be with, I always forget my problem when I'm with them, they inspire me and give me good advices. Pastor Mike preach good messages, he makes me laugh, and he's very understanding and he's fun to be with.

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