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Even before I came to the Philippines to church plant, I was already witnessing to my friends as a US Marine back in 1997. Some of these are letters from those first converts, who are still serving God today!

I received the Ilocano words and have done the things that you tell me so that Jesus can forgive my sins...and I want also to see my brother or be with my brother in heaven. I wish I could be with you brother in Cebu so that I can hear my Brother preach sermon...I eager to enjoy reading Bible...

Because of your help I am sure that I'm saved and can go to heaven. You explained about salvation and I liked your short story. I realized that I have to go to Christ. I admit myself a sinner and asked forgiveness from God. I know that Jesus died on the cross for all my sins. I really accept Lord as my savior and God, and I am sure Brother Mike that I am saved---the Bible says if anyone who calls Lord's name will be saved.

I am a Christian now, and I love God very much. Oh, I like the way you tell story of Jesus. Yea, That's really true that Jesus Christ died for our sins. Yes I did the four things that you ask. It is not enough to say you are sorry, but you must repent. When you come to our country again, can you make a sermon? I will be the number one who will listen to your sermon..

I never forget the times when you share with me how to go to heaven. I have already been baptized and won my first convert. I still remember when you take me to pastor Ben Abrera. I am still smiling. I have joy in serving the Lord. As one of the Sunday School teachers, I enjoy to teach the small children. Even though I have no higher education, I believe God uses ordinary people like me. Now I am just waiting what God wants me to do with my life. If He wants I will go anywhere. I still remember my life when I didn't yet surrender my life to God....I will never forget you and include you in my prayers.

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