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They got me good this past birthday! 

On April 13th, my deacon informed me that I needed to speak to "Granny" at the pool resort next to our church about our baptisms. When I went there, I was surprised that most of our church was there, with food and gifts to celebrate my 52nd Birthday. Here are some of the texts and card messages they gave me.

Happy happy birthday!  Continue serve God faithfully.  Thanks for praying for us here. Lydia B. de Guine
Thank you very much Ptr. Mike 4 being a big blessing 2 me at the Camp.  Thanks you for the message and experiences you have shared with us young teens during our session.  Happy happy birthday.  May you have many more Birthday to come.  Praying for you, Rovelyn Noe, Iba Bible Baptist Mission
I believe that the Lord puts people in our lives for a reason.  Sometimes it is to help us learn a lesson.  Sometimes it's to encourage us and strengthen our faith.  because of you Ptr Mike, I learned more about being a teenager.  I'm so blessed what you shared with us during our session.  Continue serving God faithfully.  Happy B-Day Ptr. Mike Mislan.  You are a big blessing to me, especially here in our mission, Praying for you. Jessica Condino, Iba Bible Baptist Mission.
Happy Birthday as you continue to labor for the Lord.  We appreciate so much your Christmas letter when you listed so many things that are accomplished by all of us working togther.  We know the glory belongs to the Lord, but your missionaries are a very big part of what is accomplished.  I know what I wanted to say but it's hard to put it into words so that it comes out right.  But I hope you understand what I'm meaning to say.  By your words you make us all feel we are also a part of the wgole big picture.  In Christian love, Mrs. Barbara Hensly, Lima Baptist Temple Missionarty Fellowship.
Blessed B-day!! Ptr Mike, This is Emily, and I'mreally thankful that God let me know you and bea part of ur church.  Thank u also 4 being agood shepherd unto us.  And Pastor, thanks also for helping my family to come back to church.  Have a happy, Happy b-day! And God Bless, San Marcelino Baptist Church
Happy Birthday pastor Mike. I hope you like my gift and hope it will fit too.  Thank you for being patient with me.  Thank you 4 caring, 4 guidance and corrections.  I always thank God for you.  God bless you always and Happy Happy Birthday 2 my pastor.  Edward, San Marcelino Baptist Church
To Everdearest Ptr Mike.  Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!  We love you, we care about you, we are praying for you.  Thanks for loving us, for praying for us.  We will not 4get u as long as we are here on earth, most when we are already in heaven.  Love, Ptr Jun, Sis Bessie and JB Israel.
We love you pastor!  Thanks 4 everything.  We really thanks God for a good shepherd like you. Member, Iba Bible Baptist Mission
U R a big blessing 2 everyone in San Agustin, Iba Zambales.  Thank you because you send out Pastor Jun and family to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Happy Birthday pastor Mike, Julie Ann N-Payuno, Iba Bible Baptist Mission
Happy Happy Birthday.  I'm so glad because you reach that age, faithfully serving God.  Thank you for sending missionary here in Iba, tatay Francisco Tapec, Iba Bible Baptist Mission
Happy Birthday Pastor Mike.  Thanks you for sending Ptr. Jun and his family to our barangay.  And thank you for the things that you thought for us.  Once again, happy Birthday, Jeus, Iba Bible Baptist Mission
Thank you for supporting our God work and send for missionary.  Happy Birthday, Myra B.de Guine, Iba Bible Baptist Mission.

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