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Throughout my service in the Philippines as a missionary, God has enabld me to befriend many national pastors.  Following are just some of the letters and e-mails I have received from them.

Pastor Mislan is supportive of local pastor's ministries here in Zambales. He is always willing to help and give advise to church problems of local churches and pastors. His counsels are biblically based and he does not compromise or tolerate members who are behaving outside of God's will. He has also provided financial support to students from other churches particularly helping them in their transportation expenses... My observations regarding the members of his church during their inter-church fellowship and sports activities, is that they are more disciplined. We see no compromising behavior in them and their church discipline and spiritual maturity were evident. Thus other churches give them their due respect and high regard. The ministry of Pastor Mislan has been a blessing to a lot of churches and local pastors here in Zambales. Our prayer is that the Lord will continually bless his ministry... Bro. Jun Macadangdang, Solid Rock Baptist Church, 4th st. Del Pilar, Castillejos , Zambales, Philippines....junmacadangdang@yahoo.com

Pastor Mike Mislan is a friend of mine. I personally meet him in San Marcelino Baptist Church which is located along the highway of San Marcelino Hospital where I and my schoolmates are studying on his FREE Bible Seminary. He is a dedicated and loving man whose heart is to win soul's for Christ, bring them into God's Kingdom, and to disciple them in order to bear them fruits, and to plant a church that many Filipino People might known a Savior. He also led his church to encouarge me with a surprise gift package. My message to Pastor Mike Mislan; for those who reading this.. he is a good man, A husband of one wife, a lover of the flock, a good husband and a good father to sis two sons.... Right now I am on my Second Year of my study in Pastoral Theology and am learning a lot of lessons and biblical principles from his FREE Bible Seminary. He is very very strict in terms of standards, teaching and discipline, because He wants us to meet the high standards and principles of the Bible. - Pastor Larry Dimaandal, Resident pastor, Christian Baptist Tabernacle,#0420 Guttires St. Calapacuan, Subic,Zambales, Philippines 2209, e-mail address: larry_dimaandal2001@yahoo.com, Contact number: +639-26247-4223

Thank you for your benevolence and sacrifice giving you give me for a financial support to solve my problems. Though I'm suffering with arthritis and gout, I write you this letter to express my heart-felt gratitude of what yo have done for me and of the members of our church in Subic, Zambales. Thank you for the Bible School you had founded in San Marcelino, Zambales that we had learned so many things concerning our God and Saviour. Thank you Pastor for teaching us the different ways and procedures how to deal with the lost. Lastly, we expect that your Bible Seminary in the Philippines shall continue, and we will be waiting for that, God bless you. -Rev. Damian Borbe, Pastor, Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church, Iwas, Subic

I was filled with joy upon receiving your letter of recommendation and with the love gift that you have extend to our ministry here.. Your letter flattered me. Truly it is the Lord's grace that enable us to be a vessel in the ministry. Words are not enough to express our sincere appreciation for your coming to our country being a missionary and for being a friend. Rest assured whatever help I can extend to you I am very much willing to be help. Again, thank you for your kindness. -Pastor in Olongapo City.

Missionary Mike has been a help to us at the Linusungan Baptist Church. He has befriended our last three pastors, preached from our pulpit, helped us with Sunday School materials and flannel graphs, led his church to help us finance our church ceiling, and is now helping us with needed advice to strengthen our church and to find a needed pastor. And when we asked him to help us conduct a Bible study when one of our members died, he mentioned that any fruit that came as a result, would not be his, but would be ours to disciple. We think he is an ethical missionary and are thankful that we have an American missionary who we can trust. -Pulpit Committee, Linusungan Baptist Church

We thank God in you and your family... We really are encouraged by your work and labor of love here in our country.. Your ministry of the SMBC is a marvelous work. Thank you for making the Filipinos true believers with a Christ centered heart and mind for missions. Your job is great. Thank you for the time you spent for us fellowshipping each other. Your are so kind to us missionaries. Thanks to your wife, she is so funny, a comedian. You and your church are a blessing for me, you are our encouragement. May God bless you more and your people. -Rev. Jun Medillo, Church Planter in Mongolia

Thank you very much for letting me come and present our ministry to your church. It sure was a blessing and encouragement to visit your church. I appreciate the spirit of your church members and your love for world missions. Thank you also for your generous love offering as well as the nice accommodations. We appreciate and thank you for your faithful prayers and sacrificial support. We love you and may the Lord bless you for the part you have in our work in Korea! Sincerely - Missionary Paclibar, Korea.

When I first came here to church plant, Missionary Mike Mislan welcomed me and led his church to start supporting me for the first three years. Since then he has helped me with an evangelistic campaign from the Ambassadors, has taught some of students in his seminary, has co-hosted our Inter-church Sports-Fests, and has helped us time to time through small projects, and with his friendship and advices. Even though my church is not far from his, Pastor Mike has never competed with me, but has encouraged me. Thank you Pastor Mike for being a good friend and co-laborer, an American Missionary I can trust. -Pastor Tagulao, Grace of God Baptist Church, Castillejos

Thank you so much for all your efforts for us, your love and concern for the Lord's work -a Pastor of Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church, San Filipe.

We really appreciate your prayer and financial support for us as well as your encouragements -Church Planter Javier XXXXX in a Restricted Access Nation.

Thank you for the help & efforts. I know you have made some sacrifices just to extend a hand to me a fellow laborer in the Lords vineyard, especially in the most trying time of my life and ministry when nobody seems to care and not even one among the fellow pastors in the Zambales came to offer their support. Thank you for the friendship you had shown me and the brotherly counsels, for I was indeed encouraged to continue doing the Lord's work - a Pastor friend in Olongapo City.

Praise the Lord for this privilege to visit your church.. We really appreciate your help and heartily concerns on our building goals. I am very grateful by your generosity in helping us with our building project needs.. Truly we compliment each other. Pastor Mike and SMBC, thank you again and God Bless You! Your partnership in our ministry encouraged us to do more in the Lord's work. -National Pastor and church planter Ric Deliquina, NT Bible Baptist Church, Dinalupihan, Bataan.

We want to thank you for the unceasing prayers you have shared with us during our two years and five months of deputation but especially during the time we waited for our visa. You've been so patient with us during those delayed departures. The kind words and the many tears you've shared with us in prayers as we waited encouraged us a lot. Thank You.. -Church planter, Jun Manuel in Bangladesh.

Mike Mislan was with us on our 27th Church Anniversary last March 25, 1984. He amazed me with the questions that he asked regarding the work in Cebu City and throughout the Philippines. I gleaned from talking with him of his love to reach the Filipino people with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I surely would be happy to see him fulfill his desire for the Lord in being able to minister to the people of my country. -Dr. ARMIE F. JESALVA, Pastor, Bible Baptist Church, Cebu City.

As pastor of the Agape Baptist Church, Olongapo, Philippines, I feel brother Mike will be a great asset to our evangelization efforts here. He has a deep burden which will carry him far in the Lord's work -National Pastor Lucio B. Martinez, JR., Agape Baptist Church, Olongapo City.

I would like to thank the Lord for using you to channel his blessing. You have been a part in the ministry that God entrusted upon us..Your church is been a blessing to us. I appreciate all your help. God bless you. -Rev. Sammy Mista, National church planter, Landmark Bible Baptist Mission/Church, Subic, Zambales.

Thank you for your faithfulness in your commitment, for faithfully laboring with us in the Lord, for faithfully partnering with us in the ministry. We appreciate so much the prayers and support. May God bless you! Church Planter Abcede Garcia to Bandung, Indonesia.

Missionary Mike Mislan has always been a friend who has encouraged me in the ministry. He visits my home, helps me with needed advices, and has helped my church by scheduling the Ambassadors for Christ to do an evangelistic campaign. Even though my church is in a neighboring barangay, he has never went after my members, but instead, is genuinely interested in helping me as a pastor. Thanks you for being a good friend, an American missionary I can trust. -National Pastor Bernard Ruelo, International Baptist Church, Nagbunga, San Marcelino.

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