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Like I wrote earlier, you can't fool the teens.  For some I have been like a father figure.  Here's what some of my High School students had to say about our Values Education class.

Our Values Education teacher, Pastor Mike is very strict. I like the way he discipline us because we became a good followers to all his rules during his time. And also I like the way he make us laugh because of his funny jokes. All the things he teach us are very interesting and we can also get a moral lesson from it...

What I like about how Pastor Mike teach is when he was telling a story. He show us the emotion and action as if he is the character in the story. We can easily understand the story he was telling because he deliver it and act it with full emotion. I like also the way he discipline us because it help us to improve ourself. He is one of the teachers with a good sense of humor because he always make us laugh...

Pastor Mike gives a lot of advices that helped me in my life, my studies and attitude. Being strict in our class is one reason of my change. I became more disciplined and attentive. As a student and as a daughter I became more responsible because of the lessons he taught us....

I like Pastor Mike very much. He teaches us important lessons that we can apply in our living as individuals. I like the way he teaches us because he is funny. The lessons are not boring, instead entertaining. Discipline also prevail in our class if he is our teacher. We very much enjoy his teachings. Values Education is fun because of Pastor Mike. We became spiritually healthy because of his class...

He's a strict person, but I think he only do this to discipline us. He taught us to be a good person and most specially to be God-fearing. One more thing I like the way he deal with us. I like the way he talk in Tagalog. He makes me laugh on things and forget my problems...

Whenever Pastor Mike teaches us he makes me happy, he lessen my problems in my studies and at home also. The topic that he opened to us every Monday morning is important because his teaching advices us and lead us into a right path and it makes our relationship to our God become closer and closer...

Pastor Mike teaches us in not boring class. We learned so many lessons and great things from him. He is strict all the time. I'm so very thankful because God continues guiding and blessing Pastor Mike. I hope that not only this class but some more students like me, have a teacher like Pastor Mike...

Pastor Mike is one of the teachers who touched my life and brought advises and lessons which I really treasure even though I graduate from this institution. He's a nice guy, he really do gave good advises that would guide a student like me on the right path I'm going to take. He's so effective in teaching. Even if he is strict, I do learn from him. And I can say that, I do have better relationship with God and the people around me because of his lessons. And I thank him for all the lessons he had taught us...

He's a good example even though sometimes he's strict to us, still he is doing it to us to be a good youth. I will say that he is our second father, because walang sawa siyang nagbibigay ng advice sa amin. I like his nice jokes. Pastor is a good adviser because still he taught us to seek God...

Pastor Mike Mislan always chose the topic that were suited in our daily life, in or teenager life. He's more interesting than our Values Education teacher. I can't forget his preach about putting God first before anything. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you...

Pastor Mike is very nice religious teacher. He is a good speaker and in return we are also a good listener for him. He is a good model for us. Even if he was strict, he shows only what is the meaning of discipline is. He is one way for letting ourselves to be closer to God by teaching some lessons. This lessons serve us to be a professional or to be successful someday. He teaches some pointers how to be successful. He is cheerful in teaching his lessons...

Pastor Mike is a good teacher. I like him being in his strict personality. It's because my classmates became attentive in listening at the class lessons and discussions. And he's not a boring teacher. Every time he enters the room he has many things injecting in the lessons that will make the discussion lively and gay so it's fun to be in his class. And most importantly is that he teaches us different things in life. About what would happen for the future and what had happen from the past. He teaches lessons that may help us in our everyday life. About being a successful in life I will never forget those things from him. Same thing with the funny joke he'd crack for us to make us cheerful in all his class. And that's why I'm thankful that we had given a chance to be his students even for a while..

Our Values Ed. Teacher, Pastor Mike, he is good in teaching us in how to make our life to be successful, he is also good in disciplinary thoughts. He is also a good joker to us, he make us happy, laugh, and giggle. He makes joke for us to be able to understand the lesson very well. He is also a good example to us, he teaches about good deeds, the bad effects of the vices! In over all, he is the one who will make or help us to be successful, maybe for others he is strict, but I, I appreciate it a lot. So I wanna thank you, Pastor Mike for teaching us for almost 2 years you mean to me a lot!

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