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What can I say?  She is always singing around the house, baking, active in ministry, and everyone in the church loves her!

I want you to know that I am so glad I had the honor to become your friend.  We love your family and will be praying for you often...  I am so grateful that I got a chance to get to know  you and your family. Your family is a true blessing... 
It has been such a joy and blessing to know you and your family.  Thank you for all your encouragement and company...
We're very happy to have gotten to know you.  The Philippines are very blessed to have you and Mike.  We so enjoy Mike's preaching.  I have shared many of his mesages with my friends at work.  You guys will be greatly missed but we will be thinking of you and praying for you. You are my inspiration!  Thank you for all your words of envouragement and for speaking to us at MOPS.  I will miss you greatly but I know God will use you and Mike on the Mission field...
You have been and always will be a blessing to me..and make me feel special... You made me feal  beautiful in a time in my life when I felt so ugly  inside.  I will never forget that.  Your my best friend.  I'm going to miss you so much...Your family has been a great blessing and I'm already looking forwad to the next time you are home. ..
I love you so much you are an encouragement to me...
Words cannot begin to say what is in my heary.  From the second I met you I felt likr I had not only found a friend, but a sister also.  There are speial people  in this world that the Lord places in this world to offer joy and hope to people.  You are truly one of  these people..Thanks for all your love and freindship..
Your family has been such a blessing and such a great example for my children...I appreciate your faithfulness to the Lord in your service to Him by  your husbands side...It was really wonderfull to have  your family with us during your furlough.  I'm going  to miss your chants and your husband's preaching  which is so refreshing, full of meat and application.

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