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Past Updates

Copied from one of my Featured Weekly Articles
Yes, Philippine Churches CAN HAVE A Missions Program!


Since our sufficency is in Him and not in ourseves, our poverty, unemployment, corruption, age and even poor health should not limit our Missions Program.  If I can help you, please e-mail me.


The Macedonian Church is in the Philippines!
"Moreover, brethren, we do you to wit of the grace of God bestowed on the churches of Macedonia;  How that in a great trial of affliction the abundance of their joy and their deep poverty abounded unto the riches of their liberality.  For to their power, I bear record, yea, and beyond their power they were willing of themselves;  Praying us with much intreaty that we would receive the gift, and take upon us the fellowship of the ministering to the saints. And this they did, not as we hoped, but first gave their own selves to the Lord, and unto us by the will of God" (2 Cor 8:1-5)
After losing 15 members, only four remained with steady jobs and the financial status of our missions program was in a real crises.  So we had a church meeting, did some hard restructuring, put up a giving barometer, decorated our auditorium with missions posters, scheduled some good speakers on missions, and challanged our church with the themes "have a heart, do your part" and "show you care, do your share" for missions. 
One lady worked all day in the rice fields to give her four dollars to missions - she gave it with blisters in her hands! A wife did some cooking while her husband went around selling it for missions.  He has only one leg!  Our Youth Pastor gave his full church salary - not once but committed it each month for missions!  Others are cooking and selling, walking to give their jeepney fare to missions, collecting and selling bottles, praying, and even texting me on my cell phone of how excited they are to be earning money for missions.  "Gud AM Ptr. We are selling merienda start yesterday & 2day. Pray 4 us...Thanks"  "U no what Ptr? Im now selling cadies to my students I gained P200 4 dis wk as my profit. I am happy bec. it help alots 4 our missions giving!".
Instead of saying I'm unemployed, they employ themselves.   Instead of looking at what they can't do, it's now what can I do.  Instead of asking what others give, it is now what can I give.  While many blanks used to fill our missions giving column in our financial ledger, now it looks the same as our general column.  Before our crises we were meeting our missions budget without even realizing the potential we had.  Now that we lost 15 members, we are currently EXCEEDING our previous budget!  Yes, it CAN BE DONE.  The heart gives more than the economy ever will.

All Tripod Websites to be
"Under Contruction" late July!


Changes to my Tripod Websites

Tripod will be replacing their current site builder with a more modern one.  This means that all non-paying Tripod webmasters like me must migrate their sites into their new site builder if they want to continue editing their sites. It also means much reconstruction and revisions as their new site builder regenerates sites using different templates and editing features.  While my sites will remain "on line" I won't be able to edit them until after my migration process.  So until the time I am able to "convert" and republish this site, you can visit my new WebStarts UPDATES WEBSITE for all updates, photos, news, blogs and reports regarding my family, ministry and seminary.

Furlough Preparation Progress


Maybe in MAY of 2010
Our June 2010 date is contingent upon our visa status so this date may change.   So far we have two supporting churches in MD who invited us to report, one who we are committed to report to in VA who we weren't able to visit last furlough (I haven't forgotten you Appomatox), a nonsupporting church in IN who invited us to come, and of course our beloved sending church.  For furlough updates, please visit the second page of my my NEW FURLOUGH SITE.

Other News...


Over 1,000 NTs distributed.  Church member Rey was voted as Gideons camp president resulting in thousands of NTs to be distributed in our area of the Province.
San Marcelino Baptist Church gains three members.  One by Baptism (read our feature on "Daniel") and two church disciplined who after showing fruits of repentance, were accepted back into our church membership.
Finacial support highest in three years!  Thank you so much for your sacrificial support.  Our statement for May was the highest we received in three years and was a real help to us.  Both our Missions Office and Sending Church keep our financial reports on file. 
Paper Prayer Letter to be sent July.  Since our Seminary, PNP chaplaincy, HS Values Ed., and new Philippine Merchant Marine Academy were all launched in the same week, I've been more busy.  Thanks for your patience.

I resumed my PNP Chaplaincy, lecturing the Philippine National Police at our San Marcelino station each Monday.  Several more traffic officers from the Municipal Division also joined our Bible study.

My application has been received by the President and Chief Officer of Midshipman Affairs at the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy to conduct Bible studies to their midshipman cadets.  I am awaiting a roster of avaiable slots

My Values Education ministry also has resumed at the San Guillermo National High School where I have been assigned at least one section so far.  Our school year just started so my teaching schedule is still being designed.

Our Iba Bible Baptist Mission reports a high of 40 two Sundays ago, with five parents of their VBS and five teens from their youth evangelism making professions. 

My wife Lenore returned safely from Costa Rica and we dedicated our PM service to honor her return with testimonies, prayer and food fellowship.

Increase in Pastoral Theology Seminarians

It looks like we'll have a student body of around 35 this year, with seven new students, and eleven men enrolling in our second and third year Pastoral Theology program!  While I would have liked a student body of around fifty, this number is good considering we are not in the city, that a group of students from a far away church was unable to commit themselves due to their unreliable vehicle, and that another National Pastor of a new school, was trying to recruit some of our returning students!  Right now we have a volunterr faculty of ten, Seminary and PC classes have already started, enthusiasm is high, and I am excited to see what God will do in the lives of these new and returning students.


Here are most of the students who came to register for our new school year. They look like a committed group and I am looking forward to see what God will do in teir lives this school year.  For more info on our School, please visit our SEMINARYS WEBSITE and HERE to view info on our new School Year.

May Movie Month


Our May Movie Month was a series of Christian Tagalog Videos we had shown in our church. Almost seventy teens came from three other churches who were challenged with an evangelistic appeal from Brother Edward and Bro Alex, with the National Pastors who brought these teens following up on those made professions.



PNP Badge of Honor Commissioning

Philippine National Police Ceremony
While fixing my water pump at 7:30 Monday morning, a police vehicle came and two uniformed officers handed me a three page document with curious neighbors thinking I had been issued a summons!  It was a Badge of Honor "programme" from the Police Chief for twenty-two of his non-commissioned officers to be held at the Police Station.  My name was on the programme to lead in some prayers and it was to start in just a half an hour!  I quickly took a shower, shaved, put on my suite and tie, got in my car and arrived just in time, sitting next to our Vice Mayor and two other dignantaries.  Well, that's how it sometimes goes as a missionary with a good rapport in his comminity.  Pictured are those who recommitted themselves to serve the public trust without corruption.


Baptizing Bro. Daniel

About New Convert Daniel

Daniel was baptized on May 3rd, right after our AM service. Raised in a Christian home, he had made a profession as a boy and joined his family as members of our church through baptism. But for some reason Daniel always lagged behind in his Christian growth and showed no real change. It wasn't until after a period of depression while his parents were in Korea, that he stayed with us and did some real soul-searching. What a joy it to have him knock on our parsonage door at night, informing he that he got saved and wanted to be rebaptized. While I have always sought to enjoy a fully regenerated membership, this shows me pastoral discernment is something we all could use more of. Please pray for his Christian growth, and I'm glad to report, THIS TIME, I have noticed a change!


Free CD's being mailed

New Seminaries to be started!

Just May 6th, I sent out several CD's of our Seminary's curriculum to National Pastors and Missionaries wanting to start their own Bible schools. These CD's contain lessons, handouts, charts, exams, diplomas, forms, ID's and much more from first to third year in Pastoral Theology and Christian Education. They are in MS Word format and can easily be edited to fit any Sunday School, Bible Institute, College or Seminary and are invaluable here. Please pray that God would use these materials to train more Nationals as future Pastors, Missionaries and Christian Workers and Teachers. To date, several CDs have been sent to churches in Iba, Manila, Pampanga, Subic, Cavite, Oriental Mindoro, Bataan, Olongapo, and Castillejos, and even to a Pastor in Jordan!

Visiting All Our Sites


If you have the time, and want to learn more about us, here are all the sites I either constructed or am still working on.  In today's modern world, it seems this is the way to go.  All these sites were totally free to build and publish so you may want to check them out and create one for your ministries, church or whatever. 

Our Teen Class


Thank u so much for hosting the first family camp last holy week, it was a great time.. i met a lot of your good people, keep up the good work, may we have another camp next year. my young people enjoyed, most especially the food syempre and the seminar on how to witness for Christ and the fellowship, Ptr. Tony Purugganan.

More Photos

Camp results in 130 challenged, with 35 Professions!

April 8th through 11th, 2009

Thank you very much Ptr. Mike 4 being a big blessing 2 me at the Camp.  Thanks you for the message and experiences you have shared with us young teens during our session.  Praying for you, Rovelyn Noe, Iba Bible Baptist Mission
I believe that the Lord puts people in our lives for a reason.  Sometimes it is to help us learn a lesson.  Sometimes it's to encourage us and strengthen our faith.  Because of you Ptr Mike, I learned more about being a teenager.  I'm so blessed what you shared with us during our session... You are a big blessing to me.. Praying for you. Jessica Condino, Iba Bible Baptist Mission. Click here to view our Camp Photos.

THE KIND OF STUFF THAT ENCOURAGES US.... "Dear Mislan Family, Our teen class is praying for your family. You have been an encouragement to us. If you have any special prayer requests let us know so we can include them in our prayers. May God continue to use you in his service. Love in Christ, Five Forks Teen Class." . . . "Mike, you are an excellent missionary. Out of all the missionaries I have had the opportunity to visit on the field you are definitely the most balanced and busy about the work of the Lord. My wife, Steve, and Melissa would all say the same thing. Do not let this (my recent financial reporting errors) discourage you. It is just something that has to be done. Keep up the good work." My Interim Pastor Chris Wass. . . . "Brother Mike, Please know the one person I know who suffers and takes a beating is the missionary.  Every time Baptist Pastors in America get on their own agenda and man made rules, the missionary is the one who suffers. Stay the course. Keep the faith" Pastor Johnnie Brewer - a supporting church...  "In light of the recent global economic recession it is a great joy I am able to report that Southside Baptist Church is... increasing your monthly support by an additional $25,00!  "Sorry to hear you are still having a drop in finances...we are sending an extra $200 to help. Use where needed most." Bible Baptist Church, Fort Mill, SC ...  I was looking at your website again. I am really impressed. It’s amazing what did without spending any money – you really are a good steward of God’s money.   I was just looking at the page for OFWs – great tips, Missionary Kevein Shehan, Jordan  (Read More Testimonies)

See it all for yourself!



From Heart to Heart

I want to thank you for how you took us on as a part of your missionary team, and for the sacrifices you have made to keep us on the field.  Some of you have not seen me since deputation and your continued trust overwhelms me.   I just want you to know I appreciate you and all the help you have been to me and my family.
Mike Mislan and Family

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