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There is no way a missionary can serve without others who help him.  There is my pastor, sending church and supporters, my wife and familymy church members here, my National Pastor friends who send their students to our seminary, our Missions Office and so much more!  Realizing this, I decided to relocate my BLOGS and REPORTS to another and more larger site, and use this page to share with you some of our key people who help me.  I say "KEY" because there really is no way I can include everyone here.  But one day, they all will be included when they are rewarded by Christ Himself!

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Thanking some of those who help us!
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Youth Pastor Alex
Deacon and Youth Pastor Alex has taken courses in our seminary, preaches, baptizes, is married, has four children, and is waiting for his petition to come through so he can join his wife and eldest son already in the States. He has been doing an excellent job with our teens with one neighboring pastor writing: "My observations regarding the members (mostly our teens) of his church during their inter-church fellowship and sports activities, is that they are more disciplined. We see no compromising behavior in them and their church discipline and spiritual maturity were evident. Thus other churches give them their due respect and high regard." (WOW what a compliment!) His teens visit, conduct ministries and outreaches, lead our music, sing in their own choir on Sunday mornings, occasionally preach, clean our church, are faithful to our services, won many trophies in competitions (including "best church") and much more. Thanks Youth Pastor Alex! 


Thank you very much that you have send Pastor Mislan and his family to our country as a missionary. They have been a big help to our church family especially to me. As a youth, Pastor Mike has preached and taught me to know God better and serve Him. If not for him and God, surely I'm one of youth of this world playing with sin and corrupting my body which I know is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. That is why I'm writing you, to thank you for your kind heart of sending Pastor Mislan to our country and may God bless you a thousand fold.

Bro. Edward
Bro. Edward was saved and baptized in our church, is a third year Pastoral Theology major in our seminary, and is on church staff as a Christian worker. He often preaches , teaches our Adult Sunday School,   supervises church activities, visits, does yard work, and just about anything else I need help with.  He writes..
I always thank God for leading to this church. Truly, everything works together for good to them that love God. I'm a Christian worker of this church for almost two years now. I never thought I would end up serving God full time. Just out of the blue God directed me to this church. It's surly not my plan. I know it's God's will for my life. I thank Pastor Mike who is always there to guide me, and pull me whenever I'm taking the wrong path. I know it's God's love that He let me be guided by a person like Pastor Mike. ... Now I'm planning to be more busy in God's work. I have ministries in the church but I don't want to be satisfied on those things. I want to do more for God. God has given me a help for the first time. I have an inmate JayJay even though he just gonna stay for three months. I thank God for him. Pray for us that we can get along (I'm sure we will). Pray also that I would influence him to be closer to God, and that we could work together for God. To God be the praise.


Bro. Manny
After experiencing some problems with his former church, Bro Manny was backslide for a few years.  But through his daughter Emily, he was introduced to our church, and after discovering that we are genuine, cautiously joined our church, and started serving.  Today he heads up one of our prayer stations, is faithful in all our church services, participates all our church activities, does maintenance on our church property, and is part of my Pastoral Advisory Teem.


Bro. Judy


Deacon Ponsing
Deacon Ponsing was originally a discouraged Catholic who was hosting Jehovah Witness Bible studies in his home. But in time, his search lead Him to Christ where he became saved and baptized into our church, proved himself faithful, and became a deacon. He has taken curses in our Seminary, manages and farms a large rice field, owns a water buffalo and three cows, has helped us with rice, periodically cleans out our rain ditch, drives and maintains our church vehicle, has lead our music, heads up one of our prayer stations, is on our Pastor's Advisory Committee, and will preach his first sermon in January of 2010!

"Thank you Pastor Jimmy Walker for sending the Mislan Family, here in the Philippines or in the SMBC as one of your great missionaries. We are so very grateful that we have an excellent, kind but strict, righteous and genuine Pastor. Maybe if he did not come here, I might or we might not have been saved.. so thank you so much. We enjoyed so much our membership here in SMBC we can say that we have a genuine church because he is a good shepherd to us. Thank you God and bless you Pastor Jimmy Walker."


Bro. Ray Ortiz
Bro. Rey, was a repentive backslider who came to us wanting to join and to serve God. After submitting to my Scriptural requirements, he got things right and we permitted him to join. He is now happily married with two children, and is very involved in initiating various programs and outreaches. He has conducted outreaches to an Army outpost, has organized a "Student Christian Movement" in a neighboring college, has conducted Bible studies, sings in our choir, is a member of Gideons, and organizes and directs our Family Camp which is conducted each year in April.


Bro. Rey Tomboc


Sis. Lenore


Bro. Joshua
Don't let Josh fool you. His humility and youthfulness can deceive you. He often leads our congregational music, sings in our teen choir, plays the violin and guitar, helps in our Junior Church, is active in our Saturday outreaches, helps clean and set up the church before services, does landscaping work like trimming trees, digging ditches, painting and carpentry work, and occasionally heads up our teen choir. He is also active in our Youth Group and even has counseled young men who are older than him! He is making the A honor role in his school, and is good in playing basketball.


Bro. Larry Tomboc . .
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Pastor Jun and Sister Bessie
Stay tuned....
A Testimony: Having been an assistant pastor I learn a lot of him to develop my character and to be more equip for the ministry. Ptr. Mike has a big vision for our church and ministries like Seminary to help other pastors, missionaries and church workers. For me its my honor to have had a Pastor like him.


Bro. Jonathan
Raised on the mission field and fluent in Tagalog, our eldest son Jonathan has preached in area National churches, has taught our Adult Sunday School class and preached here, has headed up our Ambassador's Evangelistic Campaign as our main speaker, has taught Evangelism and Basic Bible in our Seminary, and is now in the States continuing his Bible training to return as a missionary.


Pastor Chris Wass and his Wife, Pam
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