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When I was a child, I was afraid to go to school.
But as a child of God, I have seen all things are possible!

Church Planting
Values Education
Training Nationals

From Visiting Pastors . . .


Our Sending Church, the South Side Baptist Tabernacle, Ypsilanti, MI:
Mike, you are an excellent missionary. Out of all the missionaries I have had the opportunity to visit on the field you are definitely the most balanced and busy about the work of the Lord. My wife, Steve, and Melissa would all say the same thing... Keep up the good work. (SSBT Pastor, Chris Wass)

Filipino Ind. Baptist Church, Norfolk, VA:
I personally visited him and the work God has ordained him to do in 1995 and 1999. His personal contribution and presence to the people of San Marcelino is essential in promoting and improving both spiritual and social growth. As an exemplary American Missionary, his Godly friendship, guidance and leadership has led him to accomplish the following: (1) He is the founder and pastor of the San Marcelino Baptist Church, Zambales, Philippines. (2) He chaplains 12-14 members of the Philippine National Police. (3) He teaches Values Education with the San Marcelino Public School District... As a personal friend in the ministry since early 1990, I have known him to be honest, sincere, reliable and loving the work as evidenced by his extended stay in the mission field  (Pastor Jose N. Ramirez).

Other Testimonials

Our Church Planting Efforts




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I am very grateful for sending Ptr. Mike and his family to be your missionary to the Philippines. Ever since I joined he has been consistent in preaching the Truth. He is a very humble and caring pastor. He is always there when I need help, always ready to listen and quick to give godly advice. He is honest and upholds the Truth. He could smile in the midst of trials; he has the character and courage to church discipline erring brethren; he would not compromise the Truth, that is the reason why he is the best pastor I ever met! . -Sister Ana Liza Verdejo, Church Secretary

The San Marcelino Baptist Church


When we first arrived in San Marcelino, we rented a house, put up a sign, started holding services, grew, took offerings, purchased more chairs, a sound system, fans, and then a tent to meet in our driveway. After our landlady threatened to increase our rent, we took it as a sign that it was time to have our own place, so we incorporated our church and purchased prime property right on our main highway to build our church building.

Today, the San Marcelino Baptist Church has it's own
property, buildings, staff, Sunday Schools, Youth group, ministries, outreaches, and working budget. An autonomous church whose missions program has supported twenty one church planters, and whose Seminary has assisted in the training of 90 Nationals.  Click here to view our property layout and buildings, and here to read some testimonies from our members.



Their Growing Conregation

Iba Bible Baptist Mission


In January of 2008, our church sent out Pastor Jun, his wife Bessy, and their son J.B. Israel, to church plant in Iba, Zambales. After we conducted religious surveys of the area, we quickly labeled it as the "Kingdom of the Cults."

Despite being a very hard area, they have rented a place and are conducting services, have conducted a VBS (with the help of three of our members) resulting in 21 children attending with two parents making professions, have taught "Values Education" in two public schools resulting in 36 professions, assisted in a joint evangelistic campaign in which over 800 HS students were confronted with the gospel resulting in almost 100 prospects being followed up by area pastors, have helped train other nationals by teaching in our seminary, have conducted several Bible studies with fruit, and have enjoyed seven baptisms in under a year, with an average of 25 attending their Sunday AM service. This is a hard area saturated with cults and they'd
appreciate your prayers.

Pastor Jun's Website

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See Photos of His Work


Borabor Baptist Mission

This church planting effort is just now being launched.  Located in a remote resettlement area down a long dirt road, we have been conducting Saturday outreaches there with Bible studies, conversions, baptisms (one is pictured on left), with some already tithing and singing specials in our church.  Since the Mayor has alocated a lot to establish a church in this new barangay, and since we have two mature families and several Bible study converts already in this area, we are clearing out this lot and building a simple meeting place to consolodate our Bible studies.  We plan to then expand this to a mission point and then a church plant.  Stay tuned as I'll be adding photos as things progress.


Our Missions Program
Only fifteen percent of National Churches have a foreign missions program!  

Foreign Church Plants

.... with additional foreign church plants in the fields of  Hong Kong, Korea, Russia, Cambodia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Indonesia, RAN, Myanmar, India and Bangladesh, through our same Missions Program. NOTE: Only fifteen percent of National Churches have a foreign missions program!  

Missionary Jun Medillo in Mongolia... We thank God in you and your family... We really encourage your work and labour of love here in our country.. Your ministry SMBC is a marvelous work.. You and your church is a blessing for me...you are our encouragement.. 

Missionary Paclibar, Korea... I appreciate the spirit of your church members and your love forworld missions. Thank you also for your generous loveoffering as well as the nice accommodations.  May God bless you! 

Missionary Jun Manuel in Bangladesh... We want to thank you for the unceasing prayers you have shared with us during our two years and five months of deputation but especially during the time we waited for our visa. You've been so patient with us during those delayed departures. The kind words and the many tears you've shared with us in prayers as we waited encouraged us a lot. Thank You.


Potential Church Plants

..... with the potential for other church plants through our seminary graduates whose standard curriculum includes both National and Foreign church planting, from two enrolled students already contemplating God's direction to church plant, from several being called and trained through our Nationals Training Nationals project, and from our son Jonathan in a Bible College in the USA, who will return to plant more churches!


Grace of God Baptist Church

Supported National Church Plants

We also helped contribute toward eight other mission points or national church plants in the provinces of the Zambales, Bataan, Northern Samar, Cavite, Pangasinan, Laguna, and Quezon, through our church's Missions Program.
Pastor Tagulao, Grace of God Baptist Church, Castillejos... When I first came here to church plant, Missionary Mike Mislan welcomed me and led his church to start supporting me for the first three years. Since then he has helped me with an evangelistic campaign from the Ambassadors, has taught some of students in his seminary, has co-hosted our Inter-church Sports-Fests, and has helped us time to time through small projects, and with his friendship and advices. Even though my church is not far from his, Pastor Mike has never competed with me, but has encouraged me. Thank you Pastor Mike for being a good friend and co-laborer, an American Missionary I can trust.

Strengthening the
National Church

How We Touched Lives


Iba, Zambales

Evangelistic Dramas

My son Jonathan preaching at the
San Guillermo National High School

We also help National Pastors and churches to evangelize their own areas through our "Ambassadors for Christ" which is a team composed mostly of teens from our sending church, who try to visit once a term conducting evangelistic campaigns in national churches, area colleges, high schools, markets and plazas, with thousands being confronted with the gospel and hundreds wanting to receive Christ as Lord and Savior. Those helped so far by this new ministry, include the Solid Rock Baptist Church of Castillejos, the International Baptist Church of Nagbunga in San Marcelino, the Grace of God Baptist Church in Castillejos, the San Marcelino Baptist Church in San Marcelino,(that's us), BBFI Missionary Paul Ebert of Iba Zambales, the Iba Bible Baptist Mission of Iba Zambales (our sent out church planter), Bro. Ray Ortiz of the Student Christian Movement (a member of our church), and other area pastors who were included in the follow-ups. 



National Church & Pastoral Helps


And because our faithful supporters and our responsive church here, we also have been able to help five national churches with building programs, four with evangelistic campaigns, nine with needed equipment or materials, seven with joint camps and sports-fests, and four with needed medical care for their pastors and wives.  We also have helped national churches in constructing websites (like this one), a Christian School in setting up a PC Lab, and another church in locating a pastor,.
Good day Ptr. Mike upon receiving this simple thank you message of mine. Thank you very much. I see already the website you did for us. Its beautiful and a good one to read and see. Again thank you very much for your time and effort for doing it. God bless you and your family! (Pastor Jun Docuyanan, Iba Bible Baptist Mission).  Pastor I saw the website you created. It's very nice and good, thanks for your generosity, time and effort, Pastor Larry Dimmandal, Christian Baptist Tabernacle, Subic, Zambales


Linking Churches to Prospects

Network Evangelism
(Linking churches to prospects)

We also link overseas Filipino Christians to their unsaved loved ones back home, by providing a platform where they can have their families visited by area National Pastors here, resulting in conversions and increased membership in area National Churches. If you are a Christian OFW with family in our Zambales-Bataan area, please visit my CHRISTIAN OFW's page.

Training the Nationals

Our Seminary's Website


Christian Education

Pastoral Theology
Student Body

As part of the Great Commission, the training of the more effective and resourceful national is essential if a nation is to be evangelized. To this end we have both a seminary to train nationals for the ministry, as well as a program to equip nationals to start their own Bible institutes, colleges and seminaries!


A Pastor-Student writes...

Comparing our seminary with Bible institutes I have attended, Pastor Mislan is after the quality of students that the seminary produces. Thus we benefit a lot (spiritually) from our rigid training. He challenges us to always give our best in exams, lectures, research projects, and expositions. Meeting his high standard is an encouragement to us to remain faithful students. He inspired us with his teachings and insights during lectures. Thus we are proud to be a student of one of the best Bible school in Zambales... Bro. Jun Macadangdang, Asst. Pastor, Solid Rock Baptist Church, Castillejos.



S.M. Baptist Bible Seminary


After experimenting by teaching various Bible college subjects in our church on Sunday evenings, God led me to officially start a small Seminary in 1995, offering a one year Bible in the Christian Worker, while designing a second and third year curriculum.

Unlike the Westernized model of expensive text books and dormitories, I decided to experiment and design a model that was more relevant to our situation here. Informative handouts replaced expensive textbooks, work done through the student's local church replaced dormitories, a dress code replaced uniforms, and students would be permitted to register as modular students to take selected courses. And to ensure faithfulness to the local church while enrolled, our diplomas must be cosigned by the student's pastor to be valid. To date, 90 nationals from 13 churches have completed various courses in our school, ranging from individual modular courses, One year Bible in the Christian Worker, Associates and Graduates in Pastoral Theology and Christian Education, and Technical Training in seven different technologies, with Bachelor's and Master's being designed.
Sister Jelisa Santos a First Year Graduate... When I first stepped on the green, green grass of home, I mean of the SMBBS, I didn't think it was a school.  There was no big signboard in front that says SAN MARCELINO BAPTIST BIBLE SEMINARY.  I was hesitant to go; I said I wanted a real school, maybe somewhere in the city.  But that night I realized that SMBBS is not  A school; it is THE school for me. The year had been quite challenging.  I've been like a living lump of clay jumping in and out of the Potter's hand and running here and there and everywhere.  But this school has always been God's tranquilizer for me.  There I find myself in peace and victory.  Every lesson changes something in me.  They don't just fill my brain, they shape my heart.  I had many uncertainties before, but through this school, the Word of God grounded me... As I look back..I know the SMBBS will always be an instrument in the completion of the work that God has begun in me.


SMBBS Technical School

We also teach Basic PC, Desktop Publishing, Batch File Programming and Menu Design, Pastoral Computing, Secretarial Touch Typing, and System Maintenance from our Seminary's PC Lab, both to our seminary students, and to the poor yet responsible, who would have no other means of receiving this type of education to improve their future employment opportunities.


Equipping New Seminaries

Nationals Training Nationals

In a larger effort to help equip Nationals, all my curriculum, lectures, forms, courses, handouts, charts, exams, diplomas & notes are being put on CD, enabling National Pastors throughout the Philippines to start their own Bible colleges, of which 25 CDs of our curriculum have been distributed. While this may reduce the size of our student body here, we rejoice that students are being trained from at least two new Bible Institutes in the Zambales, with possible others in Pampanga, Manila, Cavite, Oriental Mindoro, and Manila.   Even a Pastor in Jordan has received our CD!
This projet is fulfilling a Great Need: "I would be very interested in seeing your curriculum. How can I get a copy of it? We have a part time Bible School here.....I'm Missionary George Navarro in Puerto Galera praying to start a Bible Institute. How can I obtain the CD that contains a 3 year Bible Institute course?....Thanks for the Dispensational Theology material. It is comprehensive material which I will be able to really use.."

Other Outreaches


The Police Chaplaincy
San Marcelino PNP

Two who made professions

Police Chaplaincy
(evangelism and anti-corruption)



As a Lecturer with the Speakers' Bureau of the Philippine National Police Chaplains Service and the Philippine National Police Values Formation Council, I have been able to conduct weekly lectures to around 50 police officers at two neighboring Police Stations on anti-corruption and the gospel. While some have visited our church and have also made professions, it is difficult to break through the "macho" mentality that only the women and the weak need Christ.


Pastor Mike is one of the teachers who touched my life and brought advises and lessons which I really treasure even after I graduate from this institution. He's a nice guy, he really do give good advises that would guide a student like me on the right path I'm going to take. He's so effective in teaching. Even if he is strict, I do learn from him. And I can say that, I do have better relationship with God and the people around me because of his lessons. And I thank him for all the lessons he had taught us...-One of my students.

High School Outreaches
(Values Ed., Evangelsim, Church Youth Group)


These outreaches include two high schools and an elementary school through the collective efforts of our church planter's wife sister Bessie, and myself.

Through my rapport and teaching at the San Guillermo National High School as a district certified Values Education teacher, combined with our "Ambassadors for Christ" campaign, approximately 1,200 students and 20 teachers have heard a clear gospel presentation, with around 200 showing an interest to receive Christ, about 30 visiting our church, with a few saved, baptized into our church, and active in our youth group. The students also printed some of my values education lessons in their school newspaper.  Sister Bessy, teaching values/religious education at the Amungam National High School and the Dampay Elementary School in Iba, reports of 31 professions, and is now applying as faculty for more access and needed income.  Click here to see her class.

Pastor Mike is a good example even though sometimes he's strict to us, still he is doing it to us to be a good youth. I will say that he is our second father, because walang sawa siyang nagbibigay ng advice sa amin. I like his nice jokes. Pastor is a good adviser because still he taught us to seek God... One of my students.  Click here to read more.


College Campus Outreaches
(evangelism & local church priming)
Bro Ray Ortiz, has organized the "Student Christian Movement" in a neighboring college in Nagbunga, which, in conjunction with the Ambassadors for Christ and my son Jonathan who preached, resulted in a high attendance of around 200 with about 80 showing an interest to receive Christ. Please pray for this outreach as it has been difficult to maintain due to Bro. Ray's management responsibilities at his piggery.


Thank u so much for hosting the first family camp last holy week, it was a great time.. i met a lot of your good people, keep up the good work, may we have another camp next year. my young people enjoyed...  the seminar on how to witness for Christ and the fellowship, Ptr. Tony Purugganan.

Family Camps
(evangelism, discipleship, equiping)


This is a new ministry headed by Bro. Rey in our church, which we'll try to do every year if we can reduce our costs. So far, we had a total of 130 attend or visit, some traveling as far as nine hours to get here, resulting in 35 professions during our first camp, with many more committed to share the Gospel. .

Thank you very much Ptr. Mike 4 being a big blessing 2 me at the Camp.  Thanks you for the message and experiences you have shared with us young teens during our session.  Praying for you, Rovelyn Noe, Iba Bible Baptist Mission

I believe that the Lord puts people in our lives for a reason.  Sometimes it is to help us learn a lesson.  Sometimes it's to encourage us and strengthen our faith.  Because of you Ptr Mike, I learned more about being a teenager.  I'm so blessed what you shared with us during our session... You are a big blessing to me.. Praying for you. Jessica Condino, Iba Bible Baptist Mission. 


Castillejos Mayor

Municipal Outreaches
(Community Improvement and Evangelism)


As a Trainer with the Movement for Righteous Leadership, and as a Charter Member of the Castillejos Mayor's Panel, God has enabled me to speak before all the government employees at the Castillejos Municipal, to conduct Biblical Leadership Training to the 18 barangay Captains of San Marcelino, and to assist in community improvement projects such as flood reduction.


Visiting Cadets

Philippine Merchant Marine Academy

Pictured are four Philippine Merchant Marine Cadets who visited our church from their academy located two towns away.  I have already committed myself to take a tour of their academy, to introduce myself to their commander and to drop of a prospectus so that things will be set for me to start conducting Bible Studies during their next training session in June.  Lord willing, in three months, we will be reaching out to these cadets in this new and exciting ministry.

"We are surprised with the groceries."
Benevolence Ministries

These programs consist of weekly hospital visitation, the past supporting of an orphanage, community improvements, teaching Basic PC for free to increase the earning potential of the poor, care packages, medical assistance, counseling and more.


Community Evangelism


Like any evangelistic Baptist Church, we also conduct weekly church and personal visitations, neighborhood Bible studies, hospital visits, children's outreaches, periodic Vacation Bible Schools, evangelistic DVD showings, and whatever else seems like it would work for us. Pictured on the right, are some of the faithful ones who show up on our community outreaches every Saturday. Without these dedicated and faithful church members, my missionary reports would not be too fruitful. THANK YOU team!

Visit Pastors Jun and Larry!

As a ministry and as part of our Seminary's Technical Training Department, we also help construct, publish and list FREE websites for Independent Baptist National Pastors.



Providing Things Honest:  All photos and ministries shared on this page are actual outreaches of myself, members of our church, or from the ministries we support. I have not photographed other outreaches to claim as my own, nor have I misrepresented any information or results on this page. If any errors exist I am unaware of them, they were unintentional, and will certainly be corrected as soon as I become aware of them.
Please keep us in your prayers!

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