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From Sister Liza, Our Corporate Secretary


I would like to thank you for your love, patience and kindness to us. Though we have hurt your feelings many times you're still there ready to forgive. I saw in you the traits of a great leader and I praise God because you are our pastor... I'm glad you are my pastor and friend.. For several years now you have proven to God and to the church your faithfulness, truthfulness, and dedication to your calling as the Pastor of SMBC. I believe in my heart that God sent you here in the Zambales to start a GENUINE CHURCH with godly standards, always upholding the Word of God and to exercise church discipline with no respect of persons. My family is thankful that God gave us such a wonderful and strict, but loving and caring pastor like you..We love you pastor." 

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Introducing Ourselves


I first became acquainted with the Philippines back in 1977 where as a US Marine and young Christian, I became burdened. After my honorable discharge, I submitted to God's calling, received seminary training, and was sent out by the South Side Baptist Tabernacle of Ypsilanti, Michigan to church plant. I am happily married to my wife Lenore (who I met in Bible college), and have two sons, Jonathan (who is now in Bible College) and Joshua who is here helping us. We live on our church property, located right across the street from the San Marcelino District Hospital, and have running water, electricity, hot water in our shower, an American style washer and dryer, an air conditioner in our room, a self-defrost refrigerator, and an 11 year old Nissan that needs mechanical work every few months or so, but looks new. We didn't have some of these things during our first term, and thank God for them.

Our Missions Philosophy


Concerning missions philosophy, I feel a church planter should plant indigenous and autonomous churches which replicate his sending church on the field, including it's doctrines, Biblical standards and philosophies. I also feel that the longer the National Church permits herself to remain dependent on US supports, the longer it will take for her to become truly autonomous.

This is why our church has paid for their last three building projects, has salaried their own staff, takes care of all their operating expenses, helps area national churches, supports local and foreign missions, and has sent out their own church planter. As a autonomous church, they make their own decisions (self governing), fund their own needs (self-supporting), and finance their own missions program (self-propagating).

Our Philosophy of Ministry
Doing God's Work, God's Way!

I have never purchased a lot in my own name, have never selected a lot to develop without checking with area pastors in advance to ensure our location would not harm them, never received a transfer that was under church discipline or without their former pastor's consent, never went after members of like churches nor solicited them to work for me as paid staff, have never misappropriated my missions support or falsified my reports, still tithe & give to missions or special needs (to my sending church when on furlough and my mission church when on the field), never photographed other works to report them as my own, never photographed kids raising hands for candy to claim it was for salvation, never misrepresented myself in order to gain or keep support, never mislead my supporters in my reports or testimonies, never sought quick conversions for the sake of reporting (easy to do this at the high school where I teach), never competed with national churches, never tried to slander the reputation and work of another pastor, never compromised the Truth for attendance, offerings or support, never joined or associated with divisive fellowships that badmouth other Independent Baptist preachers.

Since a missionary's support is often linked to how many "church plants" he can "claim" - it can be tempting to "lay hands" on Nationals who need help, and then claim them as church plants. Do date, I have had to refuse seven opportunities to claim other church plants, due to unethical ways of conducting ministry.

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What We Do


And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

As church planters, our purpose is to evangelize, church plant and teach our converts to do the same. This is being done under the Mother Church Model of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International, which consists of planting an autonomous church, and then training and sending Nationals out from this church, with the additional option of turning this church over to a National Pastoral leadership, to continue our church planting efforts.

"The BBFI believes and practices the indigenous system, the establishment of self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propagating churches. The BBFI recognizes the 'mother church' model, whereby the missionary establishes and pastors a strong central church, which replicates itself in other mission churches, or through educational training institutions." (BBFI Mission Policy)

How can I enjoy Salvation?

What We Believe


As an Independent Baptist, I am committed to the Biblical doctrines of the Baptist faith as historically held throughout the centuries by Bible believing Christians: This includes the infallibility of the Scriptures as originally given by the inspiration of God and perfectly preserved in the KJV and in the Ang Salita ng Diyos NT as the sole and final authority for English-Tagalog speaking peoples in all matters of faith and practice; the triunity of the One God Who exists as the Persons of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost; the direct Genesis account of the creation and fall of man as opposed to any form of evolution; the Deity, virgin birth, sinlessness, vicarious death and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ; the total depravity of man, his absolute need of regeneration by the Holy Spirit; the all-sufficiency of Christ's death who died for all men, and for our salvation which is received by faith alone, the eternal security and the permanent indwelling of the Holy Spirit in every believer today, the founding of the local, visible church by Christ which was labeled as Anabaptist during persecutions, the personal, imminent, pre-millennial, re-tribulation rapture, and in the return of Christ in glory and power, and a literal heaven and hell.

We teach in the literal interpretation of Scripture, that the KJV is the preserved, inerrant, plenary, and infallible Word of God, that the Hebrew Maseretic Text and the Greek Textus Receptus are the manuscripts God preserved, that the Wescott and Hort family of manuscripts are corrupt, that Christ died for ALL men, that God's election was based on His foreknowledge, that whosoever will may be saved, that Christ established His church before Pentecost, that this church was labeled "Anabaptist" thru persecution, and that "Anabaptists" are the forerunners of many Baptists today. We reject theistic evolution, neo-orthodoxy, higher criticism, Pentecostalism, hyper-Calvinism, charismatic bondage breaking, and easy-believism, and are conservative in worship, separated in standard, Biblical in teaching, missionary in motive, sincere in service, honest in character and peaceful in living.

The courses we teach in our Seminary, reflect our positions, and you can click to our Ministries Page to read what we offer.

Pastor Bernard Ruelo, International Baptist Church,
 Nagbunga, San Marcelino.


"Missionary Mike Mislan has always been a friend who has encouraged me in the ministry. He visits my home, helps me with needed advices, and has helped my church by scheduling the Ambassadors for Christ to do an evangelistic campaign. Even though my church is in a neighboring barangay, he has never went after my members, but instead, is genuinely interested in helping me as a pastor. Thanks you for being a good friend, an American missionary I can trust."  Click Here for more!


While I sometimes lose my support to those who have misrepresented themselves, or become misunderstood or gossiped about, I'd rather keep my integrity than gain additional support through questionable methods. Pastors who know me and my ministries will tell you I have been a real help to them, and that I conduct ministry God's way. Go ahead and click on WHAT OTHERS SAY to read more of what others think about us and our ministries.

Almost one hunred and ninety friends and guests visit my site each day. Thank You for being one of them!


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