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Our History


Since publicly starting in 2004, we have seen God bless our efforts with over 90 students registering for various courses in our Technical, Modular and full Seminary programs. In 2005, thirteen pastors visited our school, nine students graduated from our first year program, nine more from our Modular Department, and four from our Technical Dept. In our next commencement which was held in 2008, God again blessed with eight graduates receiving a One Year Bible in the Christian Worker, thirteen receiving various Modular Course Completions, four with Technical Training Certificates, and two with an Associates in Pastoral Theology and Christian Education, respectively.

And in this 2008-2009 year, God is still blessing! Three new churches have sent us their students for the first time. Fifteen have been accepted into our Christian Worker's program, seven into our second year Christian Ed. program, six into our second year Pastoral Theology program, two into our third year programs, with one transfer student, and twelve signing up for various PC courses from our Technical Department. And just this past March 24th, 2009, twenty-nine received their degrees, diplomas or awards. We serve a big God!

Current Status


Recent Registration Status... We just started our registration and student orientation for our 2009-2010 school year and so far it looks like a student body of thirty with seven new students gained. We also have seven who will study for Associate Degrees in Pastoral Theology, four for Associates in Christian Education, five for Graduate in Pastoral Theology, two seeking Graduates in Christian Edcation, four enrolling as Modular Students with a few more signing up under our Technical Department. And our volunteer faculty is also shaping up with eight qualified professors and teachers already assigned courses, with two more being assigned, and five class secretaries who will be nominated to help me keep records.


Education Philosophy


Unlike other schools which imitate the Westernized model, the SMBBS uses a unique approach to Seminary education. Lengthy lectures on Bible surveys have been replaced with Bible Exposition reports, expensive texts books are replaced with handouts, uniforms are replaced with our conservative dress code, many courses can be done by correspondence, and our curriculum includes courses relevant to Philippine Culture. And because we respect pastoral authority and recognize the the value of the student's local church, we include the student's church in the training process, with their pastor co-signing our diplomas. The end result is a quality, practical, low-cost, effective and accessible Bible education.


Our Doctrinal Positions

The SMBBS is committed to the biblical doctrines of the Baptist faith as historically held throughout the centuries by Bible believing Christians: This includes the infallibility of the Scriptures as originally given by the inspiration of God and perfectly preserved in the KJV as the sole and final authority for English speaking peoples in all matters of faith and practice; the triunity of the One God Who exists as the Persons of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost; the direct Genesis account of the creation and fall of man as opposed to any form of evolution; the Deity, virgin birth, sinlessness, vicarious death and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ; the total depravity of man, his absolute need of regeneration by the Holy Spirit; the all-sufficiency of Christ's death who died for all men, and for our salvation which is received by faith alone, the eternal security and the permanent indwelling of the Holy Spirit in every believer today, the founding of the local, visible church by Christ which was labeled as Anabaptist during persecutions, the personal, imminent, pre-millennial, re-tribulation rapture, and in the return of Christ in glory and power, & a literal heaven and hell.

We teach in the literal interpretation of Scripture, that the KJV is the preserved, inerrant, plenary, and infallible Word of God, that the Hebrew Maseretic Text and the Greek Textus Receptus are the manuscripts God preserved, that the Wescott and Hort family of manuscripts are corrupt, that Christ died for ALL men, that God's election was based on His foreknowledge, that whosoever will may be saved, that Christ established His church before Pentecost, that this church was labeled "Anabaptist" thru persecution, and that "Anabaptists" are the forerunners of many Baptists today. We reject theistic evolution, neo-orthodoxy, higher criticism, Pentecostalism, hyper-Calvinism, charismatic bondage breaking, and easy-believism, and are conservative in worship, separated in standard, Biblical in teaching, missionary in motive, sincere in service, honest in character and peaceful in living.

Flexible Training Programs


We also offer flexible training programs to accommodate the changing situations of our students: MODULAR - Any course offered may be taken as a separate study with a Course Completion Certificate awarded. TECHNICAL - Up to seven various PC technologies can be taken with Technical Training Certificates awarded. SEMINARY - Seminary diplomas may be earned from a One Year Bible in the Christian Worker, up to a three year Graduates Degree in Christian Education or Pastoral Theology. Bachelor and Master Degree programs are being designed

Application Procedures

SEMINARY APPLICANTS: Applicants must give testimony to their salvation, be at least 17 years of age, be a high school graduate, have their pastor's approval, be an active member of a Baptist (or doctrinally compatible baptistic Bible-believing evangelistic) church, agree to abide by the teachings and policies of this school, commit to remain active in their own church throughout their studies, pay our P50 registration fee, and pass our Director's evaluation. HIGH SCHOOLERS in their third or fourth year, who have proven themselves to be responsible, who come with both parental and pastoral approval, may register for one modular course per semester, or enroll in our Christian Worker program if they demonstrate exceptional maturity. LATE COMERS may take the next available course as a modular student, or if registering for our seminary program, must satisfy our requirements for any lectures missed. TRANSFERS must submit an official transcript or sworn statement of courses completed to receive a specialized training program which will satisfy our requirements for the degree they are pursuing.

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Our Accreditation....The SMBBS operates as a church training ministry sanctioned by the Great Commission, and by the Constitution & By-laws of the San Marcelino Baptist Church, a duly Security and Exchange Commissioned and Bureau of Revenue registered non-stock religious organization existing under Philippine Law, which subscribes to the Articles of Faith as adopted by the Baptist Bible Fellowship International and the Global Independent Baptist Fellowship, USA, and whose name appears in the Directory of Fundamental Baptist Churches and the Independent Baptist Fellowship. This means while our school has high standards, the prospective applicant must make a decision if he wants to be trained for man's approval or God's approval! As a church-operated, Bible-based school, we feel the secular world does not understand what we are trying to accomplish, nor are they Scripturally qualified to train preachers. In light of this, we do not seek government or secular accreditation or approval.

Pictured right is most of our 2009 - 2010 Student Body. God has been good to our school.


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