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San Marcelino Baptist Bible Seminary
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The courses we offer
Some of our courses are taught nowhere else and are in high demand by fellow missionaries and National Pastors!   Iglesia ni Cristo, Ang Dating Daan, JW's Mormonism, Ghosts, the Aswang, Third Eye, KJV Apologetics, Ministerial Ethics, Demonic entities, strange creatures, Exorcisms, National Church Planting, Philippine Theistics and curses... are just some of the topics covered in our "Philippine" curriculum.

Our First Year Program
One Year Bible in the Christian Worker


Biblical Evangelism:  A one month, 4-lecture, 3-unit course on the Foundation, Formats, Follow-up & Frustrations of evangelism, with 40 pages of handouts, a Baragay Religious Survey sheet, Roman's Road sheet, Gospel Illustrations sheet, a gospel presentation practice lab, Scripture Memorization, and visitation done in the students own home church, where the emphasis is placed on reducing false professions by seeking Genuine Conversions.    The Cults:  A 6-unit, detailed study of the Cults consisting of eight lectures, and up to 78 pages of handouts covering the marks of a Cult, Mormonism, Tongues & Healings, INC, JW's, Catholic Mariology, Ang Dating Daan, with an optional detailed criticism of Charismatic Bondage Breaking.  Errors will also be pointed out from the Book of Mormon and the JW's New World Translation, with a Greek NT proving "the Word was God."  Basic Bible: A one month, 4-unit, practical introduction to the Bible which entails four lectures, 22 pages of handouts & charts, memorization of the names of the 66 Books, covering the Introduction to the Bible, How We Got our Bible, How to Understand the Bible, and How to Study the Bible with the emphasis placed on the relevance of God's Word and our obedience to it.  Philippine Theistics: A very practical, relevant and revealing three week, 3-lecture, 2-unit, 16-page handout course, which assesses how culture affects our perceptions of God within the Philippine context.  Topics include World Views and It's effects on our perceptions of God and how we define Theology, the "Duel System Merger," Culture and it's Effects on our Obedience to His Word, and Socio-Economic Factors which can become obstacles to our Trust in God.-Taught nowhere else!   Christian Pedagogy: A five week, 4-lecture, 4-unit, 19-page course covering the Philosophy of Christian Education, Teaching the Sunday School Class, Leading a Bible Study, Problems and solutions, with Practice Lab for demo and evaluation by fellow classmates.  The Local Church:  A 33-page, 5-unit, six week/lecture study on the local church, which addresses the Fables, Features, Founding, and Functions of, as well as the student's Faithfulness to the Church.  Major Doctrines: A 4-unit introduction to all major doctrines of the faith given in a series of six lectures with 24 pages of Handouts, covering an introduction to doctrines, Scriptures, God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, Satan, the Fall, the Virgin Birth, atonement, creation, Church, Righteous and Wicked, Future Events, Missions, Giving, with optional Deity and Trinity handouts. OT Bible Exposition 1.3: Using a form provided by the school, the student must write a one page, 400 plus word report, giving the Intro of the Book, it's main content, and an application of what was learned, for the OT books of Genesis thru 2nd Kings (1 Unit).  NT Bible Exposition 1.3 Same as above for the NT books of Matthew though Galatians.  Local Church Chapel: The student is required to attend every Sunday AM preaching service of their own church to the satisfaction of both their pastor and this school. (1 unit per semester)  Christian Service: The student is expected to remain faithful and serve in their own church throughout their studies, and will not be permitted to graduate any course without their pastor's approval.  College Choir: To promote Christian service, cooperation, thankfulness, and discipline, all students taking a full seminary course, will be required to participate


Our Second Year Program
Associates in Pastoral Theology
or Christian Education


All MAJORS: Christology: A 6-week/lecture, 22-page handout, 5-unit course covering Christ's deity, humanity, public life, atonement, exaltation, & present ministry.  Baptist Distinctives: A very detailed and comprehensive 5-week/lecture, 34-page, 4-unit course, covering our distinctions as Baptists.  Systematic Theology: A six-week/lecture, 35-page handout, 5-unit, more technical course on Bibliology, Theology Proper (God as Father), Anthro-Harmatology (Man and Sin), Soteriology, Pneumatology & Eschaology.  Dispensational Theology: A 5-week/lecture, 25-page handout, 4-unit course, covering the hermeneutics of dispensational theology, the definition & benefits of dispensational theology, the definition and marks of a dispensation, and the dispensations of Innocence, Conscience, Government, Promise, Law, Grace, as Kingdom as defined by Scolfield, followed by diagrammed teaching demo done by the student for evaluation in their own church.  Book of Romans: A 45-page, 109-question, 3-unit, home-study course, of the Book of Romans. Research Project: Must write a 20-page report based on at least five different sources, on a faculty approved topic (2 units). College Choir: (AM-2-1) To promote Christian service, cooperation, thankfulness, and discipline, all students taking a full seminary course, will be required to participate in our college choir, under the direction of our Choir Director (1 unit) OT Bible Exposition 2.3: Using a form provided by the school, the student must write a one page, 400 plus word report, giving the Intro of the Book, it's main content, and an application of what was learned, for the OT books of 1st Chronicals through Lamentations. (1 Unit per year)  NT Bible Exposition-2.3: Same as above for the NT books of Ephesians thru Philemon.  Local Church Chapel: The student is required to attend every Sunday AM preaching service of their own church to the satisfaction of both their pastor and this school. (1 unit per sem). Christian Service: The student is expected to remain faithful and serve in their own church throughout their studies, and will not be permitted to graduate any course without their pastor's approval.
PASTORAL THEOLOGY ADDITIONALS: Pastoral Epsitles: A three week/lecture, 16-page handout, 2-unit course, covering the books of 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus and Philemen, in light of pastoral leadership concerns. Sermon Outlines: The student is required to attend all sermons and lessons delivered by their pastor and submit notes fo a grade. National Church Planting: a three lecture, 20 page, 2 unit, one symposium course covering the Premise, Principles and Procedures for planting churches within the Philippines. Global Missions:  A four-session course covering missionary preparation all the way up to church organiztion on the foreign field. 
CHRISTIAN ED ADDITIONALS: Pediatric Pedagogy: A 3 unit, four-session, thorough Christian Education Course of the science, art and methodology of teaching Children. Lesson Outlines: The student will submit at least 20 outlines from their adult Sunday School teachers, or submit at least five detailed lesson plans of their own if they are teaching in their own church (2 units), Illustrative Teaching: In this 1-month, 3-unit, 4-session course, taught by a pastor's wife & Christian Ed graduate, the student will learn how to use flannel graphs, puppets, & other props to enhance their teaching.  Students will be required to accumulate socks, rags, buttons, poster board, markers, crayons, etc., for constructing various illustrative teaching objects, as well as give a illustrative teaching demo for evaluation.
Our Third Year Program
Graduates in Pastoral Theology
or Christian Education

ALL MAJORS:  Literal Hermeneutics: A 1-month, 4-lecture, 38-page handout, 3-unit course, where the student will be taught the cause and solution to conflicting interpretations, the principles of literal interpretation, & interpretation factors.  Biblical Creationism: A one month/four lecture, 30-page handout, 3-unit course, covering creation essentiality, the miraculousness of creation, conflicts between evolution and Biblical Creation, & the scientific evidences which support the Biblical Creation model.  Para-Pneuma Systematic Theology: An excellent, Scriptural, needful, seven week, combined lecture, home study and PC monitor course, with approximately 80 pages of handouts, materials and photographs, covering angels, the evil entities of Satan, evil spirits, ghosts or disembodied spirits, the Satyr, the Aswang, demonization, charismatic Bondage Breakings, Exorcisms, the Third Eye, & Generational Curses, with topics on levitation and mediums inserted. Foreign Missions: a three lecture, 25 page, 2 unit, one DVD course covering such topics as the Basis & Purpose for Missions, the Missionary & His Sending Church, Arrival, Home, Family, Church Planting, Furlough, with a Video Showing that Documents tribal church planting.
PASTORAL THEOLOGY ADDITIONALSHomiletics:  A 1-month, 3-unit, 4-lecture, 28-page handout course covering the character of the preacher, the benefits and qualities of good sermon organization, sermon classi-fications, construction methodology, and effective delivery.  This course must be completed before the student completes his Sermon Outlines Classification assignment and his Preaching Apprenticeship Demo. National Church Planting: Taught by a successful church planter, this 3-week/lecture, 20-page handout, 2-unit course covers the Biblical premise for church planting, and the God-honored principles and effective procedures for planting a church.  Minsterial Ethics: A three week/lecture, 2 unit course covering the nature of ethics, common abuses committed in the minsitry and among pastors, with a recommended code of ethics for pastors, teachers, chaplains and missionaries.   KJV Apologetics: This one month, 4-lecture, 30-page handout, 2-unit course, covers the plenary inspiration, superier manuscript basis, chronological preservation, translation ethics, doctrinal integrity, complete inerrancy, and alleged errors of the superior King James Version Bible. 
CHRISTIAN ED ADDITIONALS.. Scriptural Child Raising:  This 7-lecture, 50-page handout, 5-unit course, covers the nature & needs of a child, the need for correction in the home, understanding how a child learns, punishing lovingly but effectively, playing with a purpose, preparing your child for school, and helping your teenager.  Emphasis is placed in the Biblical approach to raising Godly children.   Public Speaking: A 1-lecture, 1-demo, 1-unit course with handouts where the student is taught how to speak effectively in a public venue with confidence, followed by a public demonstration of his or her speech for evaluation! the Pastor's Wife: A four lecture, 30 page course taught by a pastor's wife which covers the Role, Requirements, Realities and Remedies for the Pastor's Wife, Research Project on a faculty approved topic, Teaching Apprenticship done in an approved school or in the student's church.


Courses from our Technical Department
BASIC PC: This four unit course is designed for someone who has never used a PC before, and includes a simple lesson and test, tutorial software, real keyboard time, personalized instruction, a demo of various computing task which will be evaluated, and a progress card where the student must move through various levels of training.  After completing this course the student will be able to recognize and identify several different operating systems & PC components, use the keyboard, mouse and disks, customize their desktop, and create, save and transfer files with graphics, from one PC to another PC.  This course is REQUIRED before taking any other PC course offered here.  
DESKTOP PUBLISHING: (3 units) With MS Word and Paint, the student will learn how to create flyers, brochures, newsletters, bulletins and more, and will be taught some DTP tricks such as using Word Pad to create a multi-columned newsletter with Header and Graphics, spacing with ghost characters, format filtering with Notepad and more. 
SYSTEM MAINTENANCE: Learn how to speed up system performance by reducing non-essential services, keep system in good condition by running anti-viral, anti-maleware, defragmenting, hard disk and registry cleaners, how to clean the mouse, keyboard, and inside the CPU case, how to minimize theft and destruction of data through safe computing, how to inspect a system to detect undesirable use, and install programs (3 units).   
BATCH FILE PROGRAMMING & MENU DESIGN: This six unit course covers the rare technical discipline can take an older DOS 6.2 machine and make it fully functional for sermon research, word processing, publishing and records-keeping by installing 16 bit programs, and writing batch files in DOS to run them from a menu system you design with alpha-numeric keyboard codes.   
PASTORAL COMPUTING: (2 units) Learn how to use the free "Bible Seeker" to look up words to determine their references, contexts and frequency of occurrence, to look of definitions of Biblical places, events and character, and how to import both into a sermon outline that you will type in MS Word.  You will also be introduced to other Bible software to research the true meaning of Hebrew and Greek words, as well as the events that occurred at any specific Bible town or area.  
SPEED TYPING: (2 units)  Learn how to touch type without looking at the keys by sitting under a PC-driven Typing Tudor.  
ENCODING: Those graduating from basic PC and Speed Typing may receive units for encoding hard copy into Word documents. Our school is always in need of encoding for future courses (2 units).   
TECHNICIAN APPRENTICESHIP: (4 units) Must work in our PC lab for one semester teaching Basic PC and keeping PCs in good running condition.
BASIC WEBSITE CONSTRUCTION: After opening an e-mail account to qulaify, and Using Tripods free website construction and publishing, the student will design, publish and list on Internet, a simple website of their church to the satisfaction of our school and with the approval of their pastor and church.

Other Courses being offered as electives include: Synopsis of the Gospels, The Pentateuch, NT Survey, OT Survey, The Major Prophets, The Minor Prophets, Biblical Geographics, Systematic Synopsis of NT Literature, Islam and Christianity, Bible Cultures, Book of Revelation, Bible Characters, World Religions, Song Leading, Psychology of Learning, Home Schooling, Psychology of Curriculum and Testing Methodologies, and more.
Bachelor Courses ARE being designed: Sunday School Adminstration, Church Administration, Pastoral Counseling, Systematic Theology II, Church History, Baptist Polity, Manuscripts, Corrective Membership Management,Advanced Eschatology, Problem Passages, and more.
Doctrinal Statement:  The SMBBS is committed to the biblical doctrines of the Baptist faith as historically held throughout the centuries by Bible believing Christians: This includes the infallibility of the Scriptures as originally given by the inspiration of God and perfectly preserved in the KJV as the sole and final authority for English speaking peoples in all matters of faith and practice;  the triunity of the One God Who exists as the Persons of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost; the direct Genesis account of the creation and fall of man as opposed to any form of evolution; the Deity, virgin birth, sinlessness, vicarious death and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ; the total depravity of man, his absolute need of regeneration by the Holly Spirit; the all-sufficiency of Christ's death who died for all men, and for our salvation which is received by faith alone, the eternal security and the permanent indwelling of the Holy Spirit in every believer today, the founding of the local, visible church by Christ which was labeled as Anabaptist during persecutions, the personal, imminent, pre-millennial, re-tribulation rapture, and in the return of Christ in glory and power,& a literal heaven and hell.  . . . We teach in the literal interpretation of Scripture, that the KJV is the preserved, inerrant, plenary, and infallible Word of God, that the Hebrew Maseretic Text and the Greek Textus Receptus are the manuscripts God preserved, that the Wescott and Hort family of manuscripts are corrupt, that Christ died for ALL men, that God's election was based on His foreknowledge, that whosoever will may be saved, that Christ established His church before Pentecost, that this church was labeled "Anabaptist" thru persecution, and that "Anabaptists" are the forerunners of many Baptists today. We reject theistic evolution, neo-orthodoxy, higher criticism, Pentecostalism, hyper-Calvinism, charismatic bondage breaking, and easy-believism, and are conservative in worship, separated in standard, Biblical in teaching, missionary in motive, sincere in service, honest in character and peaceful in living. 
Code of Ethics:  No school faculty is permitted to visit or make offers to any student which may benefit their own church or ours. Our school will not enroll, teach or graduate any student without their pastor's approval, nor will we know-ingly contradict a pastor's teachings before his students. The pastor's office will be kept in high regard and if a difference exists, we will seek to solve it personally without involving his students. We will only use the KJV as our authoritive text, & any references to other translations will be for the purpose of exposing their errors, or for confirming a truth already established by the superior KJV Bible.



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