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Our Graduation Requirements

After satisfactorily completing the academic and character requirements for their course, they must submit all completed handouts, reports and assignments for final "viewing," (we want to make sure they are kept in good condition for their future reference in ministry), must meet with our Director to review their student Records & Transcripts so they can select their graduate options as a Modular, Tech, or Seminary student. Then they must fill out and return their graduation slip with any payments due so we can print their diploma, certificates or Course Certifications and prepare the meals for them and their guests at our graduation ceremony! Third Year Graduates will wear Caps and Gowns, with Pastoral Theology majors, preaching!


The Graduation Ceremony



We conduct the ceremony in our church auditorium where we set up tables and chairs, and cater to the graduates in a formal banqueted setting, with our church members cooking and bring them their meals. Awarding includes being recognized as a Modular Graduate for individual course completions, as a Technical Graduate for any PC course completed, and as a full Seminary Graduate who receives larger diplomas for an entire years work.   Just recently, we added our completed pavillion as the venue for our banquet, which was still beautiful but much cooler.


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