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Here are some responses I have received from those who have enjoyed reading my reports. Pictured left is Pastor Chris Wass with his wife Pam, of my sending church.

Thank you so much for adding me to your prayer letter distribution. I thoroughly enjoyed your June/July letter. It was packed with so many wonderful insights as you humbly shared how God was working in your life and ministry. In fact, my pastor and another man from our church will be traveling to the Philippines in September and I will make sure they read The Shocking Report in your letter to prepare them for some of the missionary cultural issues they will witness. Keep up the good work brother and I hope to meet you when you're on furlough.. Harvest Baptist Missions

I appreciate your stand on not seeking government accreditation for your seminary, Atty. Gerry T. Galacio, member of Baptist Bible Church, Sta. Mesa, Manila, and faculty member of the Asia Baptist Bible College.

We always appreciate your thankful spirit which jumps off the pages you have written...

We always look forward to reading your missionary letter because we know it reads like none other we receive. It is always interesting, candid, humorous, expressing gratitude, and informational...

I received your prayer letter today - EXCELLENT as usual! The only thing I don't like is the cliff hanger on the back (i.e. "continued next issue"). You have done an excellent job over the past two letters summarizing the issues and there is nothing that you have said that I disagree with. It is a complex issue. We want to help everyone so much but certainly don't want our help to turn into long term hurt. I am anxiously awaiting the next issue. I hope you are putting this into some sort of "book form." Your insights are truly outstanding and very valuable...

We received your April/May letter today and it's always exciting to see what the Lord is doing with the work in the Philippines. We would certainly be honored to have you stop by and speak to our congregation...

I enjoyed very much your last letter. I am reprinting most of it for our church to see what their investment in your ministry has resulted in. Hope it stimulates support. Pastor Jim Parrish, Bible Baptist Church, SC

We would love to receive your monthly missions letter and learn more of the good things happening at the San Marcelino Baptist Church, and in the area.. Would you consider coming to my church the next time you are on furlough in this neck of the woods?.. That would be GREAT!Pastor Alen Lickfeld, IN, USA

It's good to see that God is still working in the Philippines. Praise the Lord for His protection and provision. It would be OK for you to send the reports via email. I will look forward to hearing more of what God is doing in the life of your family and church, Pastor Tom Merrick, Cook's Prairie Baptist Church, Homer, MI

I got your letter in today's mail. I enjoyed reading about God's blessings on your ministry. If you want you can just send me your letter electronically. That will save some. I do remember you in prayer regularly. Preacher, Everett Cooper, Texas

We have supported you for several years, and we always look forward to receiving your prayer letters. We are so happy about the new internet capability there. We would be very happy to receive your prayer letters via email. We would print them off here and save you a lot in postage, paper, etc. You can send it directly to me, since I take care of our missionary support and prayer letters. Calvary Bible Baptist Church, Ohio.

Feel free to send your report letters to First Baptist Church of Milford, DE via email. Pastor Perdue.

We are always glad to get your new letters. We post them for the church family and pray for you often. Please put us in your e-mail file for future letters and save the postage etc. We are glad to get the newsletter by e-mail. Thanks for being there and your faithful service all of these years, Sincerely Rod Puckett, Avalon Hills Bible Church, VA.

Mike good to hear from you. I really enjoyed your last letter with the synopsis of your ministry activities over the years. Wow! I know you are very happy to be used is so many wonderful ways.I'll check out your info. Pastor Tim Gunter, Crown Point Baptist Church, FL

I am sending you my email so it will be easier for you to keep us informed of your ministry. We read all of your letters and pray for you and we also post all of them on our mission board so the church can keep current on your needs. We do appreciate your detailed and interesting ministry - Gilead Baptist, Allen Park, MI

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