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Dear Missionary!
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My family has needs.

Getting a "Dear John" letter when you're far away from home defending your country in combat is hard to take. Here are some "Dear Missionary" letters I have received while serving in the front lines of the spiritual battle! When you are "on the field" and can't raise additional support to cover the drop, your faith in God always increases.

It is our desire to focus in on fewer ministries throughout the world and support them with larger amounts of finances. To do this, we must cut back on the number of missionaries we support so that we can provide them with more financial support and more one on one encouragement. We sincerely desire to make an impact in the lives of our missionaries and the people they work with. As of March 1999, we will no longer support your ministry for which we are deeply sorry.

I really hate to send this type of letter to you when you just recently returned to the field, but the situation makes it necessary. We are having to make some financial adjustments here at XXX. This is the second round of cuts we have had to make in order to balance our budget. Unfortunately, we are going to have to reduce our monthly support. I am doing this through email because it is the fastest way to contact you.

It has been our privilege at XXX Baptist Church to be involved financially in your ministry for a number of years. We rejoice in the fruit that has come into the Kingdom of God through your ministry, and know that God has His hand on you. With regret, I must tell you that, due to strategic changes in our missions program, we have made a decision to discontinue our monthly support of your ministry. Please know that this move is no way an indication of our disapproval of your ministry.

It is with a heavy heart that we write to you of our intent to stop supporting you. We are concerned with the lack of evangelism and church planting in your ministry, and disappointed with your lack of enthusiasm for your ministry when you presented your work. (OUCH, THAT HURTS)

It is with sincere regret that we must inform you that due to this decrease in our weekly attendance and offerings, we must decrease your monthly mission support.

I am cutting off my relationship with you. I think you don't treat local pastors as your co-equal. (ouch again - a cell phone text from a national pastor friend who wronged me and prejudged me - sometimes it happens).

My heart is heavy as I must inform you of our inability to continue supporting your ministry.We have been unable to send any support to you for the last six months.

I am writing to cancel your meeting with the XXXX Baptist Church of XXXX. I have recently resigned my position as pastor and we will probably be unable to continue our support.

Our Pastor has resigned and attendance has fallen short. At this time it our duty to notify you now that we may have to decrease your support level.

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